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HTTP and HTTPS – What Is It?
Dominika Slomka

All web users have noticed how website addresses begin – with either http or https, though not everyone is concerned […]

SEO glossary
SEO glossary – over 300 positioning-related terms
Dominika Slomka

SEO glossary – introduction Welcome to our glossary of over 300 terms on website optimization and positioning. It’s probably the […]

Online store - where to advertise
Where Should You Advertise Your Online Store?
Dominika Slomka

You have an idea for an online store. You have selected an e-commerce platform and entered products into the system. […]

Conversion - what is it?
Conversion – What Is That?
Dominika Slomka

We talk about conversion mainly in the context of online stores. However, it is a very widely used term also […]

Easy Google Ads Campaign Reporting: Check Metrics & Performance
Dominika Slomka

Google Ads is without any doubt the most popular and powerful advertising platform on the internet. Since its start in […]

Target Group – Why Is It Worth Defining It and How to Do It?
Dominika Slomka

If you are a business owner and offer a given product or service, you can choose to improvise and promote […]

What Is Marketing?
Dominika Slomka

All companies – regardless of the industry – have one thing in common: they all want to meet specific business […]

Pros and Cons of TV Advertising
Dominika Slomka

What Is TV Advertising? Television is one of the mass media. Every day, individual TV stations are watched by millions […]

Marketing Mix – What Is It?
Dominika Slomka

In order to achieve specific business goals, each company should conduct appropriate marketing activities. Although there are many ways to […]

Five Benefits of Using a LinkedIn Premium Account
Dominika Slomka

LinkedIn Premium Account Types – What to Choose? Do you have an account on Linkedin? Not yet? Set up one […]