Google Display Network

Get more traffic on your website and increase your brand awareness. The Google Display Network is the largest digital advertising network in the world, reaching approximately 92% of internet users.

Freely choose your own target groups and target your ads (banners, video, multimedia ads) by gender, age, interests or thematic destination.

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An attractive set of banners for an advertising campaign
Individual supervision of a Google Ads specialist over the campaign
Constant optimization of the campaign

Pay only for a click or 1,000 impressions of your ad. Find out which landing page elements have the greatest impact on your customers’ behavior.

What is display network?

Google Display Ads are targeted precisely according to proven methods with a focus on promoting a new product, brand or increasing sales from direct visits to the site.

In Verseo we are open to various settlement models.

We have tens of thousands of websites at our disposal. Optimization is based on the main goals of the campaign by analyzing various factors, such as CTR, CPC, CPM, rejection rate, impact on other sales channels or their support, the number of interactions or a specific type of behavior on the customer’s landing page.

Let Verseo take your Google Display Network Ads to the next level!

Karol Marciniak
Senior Ads Specialist

The customers get full support in creating or optimizing their own landing page.

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