Verseo - about us

Our values


We analyze, draw conclusions – constantly and uncompromisingly.


Our environment, customers, tools and technological possibilities are immensely stimulating, the future is happening, we want to create it


There will always be a way and a solution, it’s just a matter of patience, persistence, knowledge… and sometimes budget.

Save time and money

10 thousand phrases, thousands of ads in various formats and you… can chill… all because we had met one day.


Because our client’s problem might be our challenge, and we like that… very much.


We know more models of collaboration than there are ant species on the planet. Seriously!

Who creates

Verseo team consists of certified specialists in the field of Google Ads, certified specialists in the strategy and optimization of Google Ads campaigns, experienced Positioners, certified Paid Social specialists, Organic Social specialists, Content Marketing specialists with a knack for words, creative graphic designers, meticulous and inventive programmers, ambitious technologists, analysts and trainers.

In addition, we permanently cooperate with proven translators, copywriters and editors.


What makes us stand out

Certified specialists
in Google Ads on the Search Network

Experienced SEO specialists

Certified Google Shopping specialists

YouTube ads specialists

Certified Google Tag Manager specialists

Programmatic advertising specialists

Google Analytics specialists

Certified specialists in
Google Ads on the Display Network

Certified Paid Social specialists

No limits. We run campaigns on all continents..

Our story


We didn’t have a garage to follow the path of the big American startups, but we did have a dorm room. Back then, buying a laptop and a phone was a huge investment, and it took us 2 steps to go from the bed to our office. We had 10 square meters to accommodate all our plans, visions and desires. The team consists of Krzysztof and Mateusz.


After a few months, it turned out that gaining knowledge and educating clients started to pay off. Profits of several hundred zlotys a month turned into 3-4 thousand. To this day, we remember the first SEO contract, signed for PLN 80. It was a big thing for us. We still work for this client and we haven’t raised this fee. The team still consists of Krzysztof and Mateusz.


Qualification for the Google Rising Stars program for the most dynamically developing performance agencies in the world. Renting the first 40-meter office. Small but our own. We start looking for someone to help us.


Completion of work on VCM – our own optimization platform, which uses self-learning algorithms. Obtaining the highest possible partnership with Google. The number of collaborators for the first time exceeds the two-digit result.


Duties were divided – Krzysztof, responsible for technology and development; Mateusz – trade management and prosaic affairs. Moving to a 300-meter office. Our team grew to 50 people. Since 2017 we can boast of having the largest team of certified Google specialists in Poland.


Establishing and developing technological partnerships. Separation of the Strategy and Optimization Department in order to ensure the highest quality of services. Development of the internal Marketing Department and expansion of the certified Google Ads specialists. There are already 70 of us on board!


Expanding the SEO department and creating a completely new Facebook Ads Department, which supplemented Verseo’s offer with social media activities – both organic and paid. This way we can serve customers with basically any form of online advertising. The year 2019 is also record-breaking in terms of newly acquired clients – 459 new companies trusted us!


We move again and this time – we hope – for longer. 850 meters, colors, conference rooms, 5 kilometers of cables, hundreds of liters of paint – simply: it’s beautiful! We are also entering new markets, and all this has been spiced up with a new website – which you are currently on.

Our vision

World level

Maniacal perfectionism

Innovation is everyday life

Competition? What competition?!

Let’s get to know each other