Verseo CSS – Shopping ad with zero Google commission fees

CSS is a price comparison service. It’s a website that collects products from various brands. However, there is no sale via the comparison engine. It only acts as an intermediary directing traffic to the manufacturer’s offer.

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20% cheaper clicks on Google Shopping
Quick and easy implementation
Coverage for the entire European Union

In the past, Google was exclusive to this service and served as a Shopping ad at the same time. The European Commission decision has made it possible for third parties to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Google Shopping.

How does CSS work?

First, the customer is required to send a list of products that he/she has in the online store. For this purpose, a panel located on the Verseo CSS website is used. Selected items appear on Google Shopping on general search results pages. It is worth noting that our Verseo CSS is in no way inferior to services provided by Google. However, it is free of a commission that must be paid using a Google solution. Thanks to this, our CSS offers displaying a product ad 20% cheaper, and at the same time it is completely free.

Verseo CSS vs Google Shopping

(participation in the auction)

Verseo CSS
max CPC = 0,2

full CPC amount
takes part in the auction

Google Shopping
max CPC = 0,2

Google takes about 20% of the margin
CPC = 0,16 enters the auction

The rules for the exposure of individual ads are based on the auction system. The campaign advisor can set bids on their own or choose automatic settings. This way, advertisers submit their products and compete for ad space. Working with Verseo CSS will give you an advantage at this stage. With a 20% bid reduction, you’ll tip the scales to your side, even if your competitors have the same Quality Score. As a result, your ads will show more often for the same cost.

As part of the price comparison service, a separate account is opened in the Google Merchant Center account for each seller that is represented in Google Shopping by Verseo. This solution opens the possibility of sending products and then creating a shopping campaign.

Verseo is participating in the Comparison Shopping Partner program, which was initiated by Google. The initiative maintains a competitive advertising environment and also benefits both service providers and retailers.

What are the benefits of CSS?

  • The setup process has been greatly simplified. Thanks to this, we can efficiently prepare the service for operation. At the same time – if a given store is not among our clients – we will not have access to data related to the course of the campaign. We can only view the products offered, their prices and status, so all the information that is necessary for the efficient management of product advertising.
  • Cooperation with Verseo allows you to participate in the auction without the margin imposed by Google. Such a solution allows you to save up to 20% of the financial outlays on the campaign. The service is available on all markets within the European Union. As a result, you can conduct effective activities in the international arena. All components of the Google ecosystem function in harmony with each other. The price comparison service will be closely integrated with Google Ads and Google Merchant Center. Having products in the Verseo CSS comparison engine does not lower the campaign quality score.
  • Using the above mentioned in Verseo CSS is free.
  • You get the option to sort all products according to various attributes.
  • This approach significantly simplifies the campaign optimization process.*
  • You can count on periodic refreshment of product displays. This way, you will stimulate the interest of potential customers and avoid stagnation.*

* This variant requires an additional fee.

How is CSS being implemented?

We carry out the service implementation process in four simple steps. The action plan is as follows:

  1. Linking your Merchant Center account with CSS Verseo.
  2. Downloading your products from the product feed. Then publishing the entire range in the Verseo Shop Comparison.
  3. Testing the efficiency of the service.
  4. Integrating other campaigns. Thanks to this, your ads will appear in the Google search engine with the annotation “via CSS Verseo”.

Jakub Perkowski
Senior Google Ads Strategist

Why should you join Verseo CSS?

  • 20% cheaper clicks on Google Shopping
  • Verseo doesn’t need access to your account details.
  • Free traffic from Verseo CSS comparison engine.
  • No other costs.
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Coverage for the entire European Union
  • No negative impact on the Quality Score.

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