Search Ads 360

Take your online campaigns to the next level. Search Ads 360 is a tool designed for large businesses that allows you to manage search ads even more effectively, thus generating results unreachable with standard Google Ads dashboard.

Thanks to this solution based on machine learning you can automatically create and optimize hundreds of campaigns, promoting thousands of items from your offer. Advanced algorithms and bidding strategies can fulfil great potential of big budgets, ensuring the highest ROAS.

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Use Search Ads 360 and optimize ads in real time in order to successfully promote your business online!

A modern solution designed for large businesses

Search Ads 360 is a system provided by Google that was designed for big online stores, responding to their specifics and assortment. With this system you can run and optimize multi-channel campaigns, using only one dashboard. Thanks to self-learning algorithms, Search Ads 360 monitors all ads in real-time and immediately reacts to changes in audience behavior, adjusting bids and strategies.

The most significant advantage of this tool is process automation that makes campaign management easier, faster and more effective. This is a solution for businesses with large advertising budgets – the more campaigns and ads, the more data for artificial intelligence to analyze. With sufficient data, advanced algorithms are able to precisely define the most profitable solutions and increase the return on an investment by several or even dozens of percent.

The Search Ads 360 system works best in the case of big web stores with thousands of items in the assortment. Creating so many search ads campaigns manually takes plenty of time and energy of a specialist. When it comes to optimization, it is simply beyond the capacity of one man – even an experienced expert. Hundreds of ads and keywords often makes a specialist unable to check all campaigns at least once a day. Cutting-edge technology controls every ad even hundred times a day, constantly looking for errors to be corrected and finding places where ads can be optimized, and – consequently – be more effective.

Search Ads 360 – what do you gain?


Promotional channels integration

Grouping ads from different search engines allows for better analytics and, therefore, better optimization of selected campaigns.


Shopping path

You gain access to detailed information on customer shopping paths so that you can adjust your messages to the given need.


Bids optimization

All campaign parameters are given in real time – you don’t lose time for generating big, time-consuming reports.


Automated text ads

Connecting with Google Merchant Center allows for generating text ads in a fully automated way.


Anomaly detection

Campaign aberrations are immediately picked up, which allows you to react quickly.


Advanced configuration

You can optimize and choose goals as well as use a number of tools and integrations.

Assortment campaigns – support for product ads

In the Search Ads 360 system you can create ads for specific products from your assortment, using appropriately selected keywords in them. They appear as text links to your page in search results, so they complement your Shopping ads and increase the probability of conversion.

Creating ads of this type is an automated process that doesn’t require huge workload. All you need to do is connect your Search Ads account with Google Merchant Center. The system will download a product feed with data about your offer. By using the information directly from your online store, the tool automatically adjusts the ad content to a specific product and its parameters, thanks to which you can easily and quickly launch up to several thousand ads. What is more, Search Ads 360 downloads real-time inventory data and immediately pauses ads for products that are currently unavailable. Due to this solution the campaigns do not generate unnecessary costs.

Search Ads 360 – always up-to-date

Search Ads operates in real time. The Floodlight tag for real-time conversion tracking and reporting collects data about website visits and user activities on the website. Thanks to this solution, the self-learning algorithms rely only on fresh information and introduce changes that give the best probability to improve the results. In the panel, you have constant access to reports on all campaigns updated several times a day, with tables and charts allowing for in-depth analysis of your marketing activities and improvement of the conversion rate.

More effective bid optimization

Google Ads system provides efficient auto-bidding strategies, but Search Ads 360 offers smart bidding, which is a notch above. This tool gives you more bid strategies and the ability to take advantage of hybrid versions combining both solutions. The system automatically finds campaigns that can be optimized by analyzing entries about past data.

Constant campaign improvement is the key to making measurable profits from advertising and not being outraced by your competition. Regular analysis of the results and improvement of the bidding strategy will result in increasing the number of conversions and making the ROI – the profitability index – more and more satisfactory.

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