Programmatic Marketing

Programmatic allows you to increase the precision of digital ad targeting. The auction in the programmatic is based on the RTB model, in which the area for displaying advertising creations is automatically purchased in real time. The auction takes place when the user enters the site. Thanks to displaying advertisements in the programmatic system, we are able to reach a specific person.

The system will automatically assess whether a given user might potentially be interested in your business’s marketing message!

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Identifying the needs of specific users
Purchase of advertising space in the auction model
Diverse advertising formats, target groups and locations

Cross-device – one user, different devices

Programmatic Ads from Verseo allows you to identify one user across devices. We will reach a specific person with the advertising message, regardless of whether he or she uses a desktop computer, laptop, cell phone or tablet.

Display Ads

Shopping Ads

Native Ads

Video Ads

(requires individual consultation, Video ads will not be available for every campaign)

Display & Video 360 – a tool for broadcasting advertisements in the Programmatic Ads system

Display & Video 360 is a tool that combines functions previously scattered around other Google products – mainly DoubleClick Bid Manager, DoubleClick Campaign Manager and Studio, as well as Audience Center.

In one place, we can create and manage advertising creations, set advertising targeting, choose promotion channels, as well as manage recipient data, buy advertising spaces that interest us, manage the campaign in detail and optimize it using self-learning algorithms.

Display & Video 360, which is part of the Google Marketing Platform, is a DSP platform that allows you to broadcast ads in the RTB model or using private auctions and the so-called private deal, prefered deal etc.

RTB – how does it work?

Real Time Bidding is the automated purchase of advertising space after an earlier auction.

Operation scheme:

The user enters the website

Impression is announced

Impression cost is calculated


Ad is displayed

Private Deal allows you to display an ad at a predetermined bid. Typically, there are ad spaces not available as standard in an auction model open to all advertisers. The auction is then held in a limited group, these are more attractive places on websites or on VOD platforms.

Olga Badeusz
Google Ads Strategist

Using Programmatic Ads with Verseo supports campaigns conducted in other channels, such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

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