Discovery Ads – Gmail, Google Discover i YouTube

Thanks to Discovery Ads you can display your ads on Gmail, YouTube, and Google Discover cards. As a result, you get supplementary traffic from the Google search engine. Their modern form makes advertisements extremely effective, contributing to the growth of recipient interest and – ultimately – conversion.

Discovery Ads campaigns are a powerful advertising tool that helps your products and services be seen by more users on a large scale.

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More conversions from multimedia ads
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Why should you get started with Discovery Ads?

With Discovery Ads advertisers gain additional options and locations: in the Discover section, YouTube and Gmail. This solution allows for displaying ads in various places – all within a single campaign, so there is no need to create separate projects for every medium. Discovery Ads are shown to users based on their online behavior, interests, and previous searches.

Wide range:
Within a single campaign, your ads can be displayed in three different locations, guaranteeing a very wide range – theoretically even up to 3 billion users. Due to various places, you simply diversify client acquisition thus complementing your campaigns in other channels.

Native ads:
With this type, your image creatives adapt to the place and device where the ad is displayed. Such flexibility makes ads more user-friendly, assuring more clicks.

Discovery Ads give the option of targeting non-standard audiences, similar audiences or recipients with similar interests. What is more, current client lists can also be targeted, as well as users meeting selected demographic data, or related to given life events.

Smart Bidding:
Automatic bid optimization allows for even more effective use of the advertising budget. When setting your marketing goals, target CPA or Maximize Conversions are the recommended bid strategies.

How to conduct a Discovery campaign?

The Discovery campaign’s success consists of several factors. At Verseo, we rely on years of experience and constant learning. Creating campaigns, managing inventory, implementing tracking codes, analysis and optimization are our bread and butter.

Let us show you how to create a successful Discovery campaign:


Targeting the audience

This type of advertising allows you to target users who previously showed interest in your offer, e.g. by interacting with ads in the whole Google ecosystem, including the search network or the display network. The other option is targeting ads directly to users who visited your website or even bought your products/ services in the past.


Advertising banners

High-quality advertising content is a key to the campaign’s success. Promotional images not only have to meet the required standards but also be eye-catching. Discovery ads allow advertisers to use creative multimedia forms. It’s worth taking advantage of all these opportunities to increase the audience’s interest.


Optimization and measuring the results

Discovery campaigns are a great complementary channel that will strengthen your business’s digital presence. We can tailor the campaign better to the target group by optimizing it and checking the results of changes. Thanks to data analysis offered by Google Analytics and Google Ads dashboard you can identify the most effective creatives or check information about users who most frequently buy your products or use your services.

Daria Nawrocka
Customer Success Specialist

When using Discovery Ads, we can optimize campaigns, define conversions and view comprehensive statistics.

  • Precise targeting to the right group
  • Eye-catching visual form
  • Assistance of a certified specialist

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