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Hubspot is an online platform that helps businesses manage the customer journey at every stage. From gaining attention by attractive content marketing to closing sales and continuing business relationships.
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Hubspot is one of the first businesses to realize the power of content marketing. Knowing at the same time that this type of activity will scale unprecedentedly, they designed a platform that supports marketers and salespeople in serving customers and leads effectively. Hubspot is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is the leading platform of this type in the United States.

At Verseo, we have been using Hubspot for over two years. This time allowed us to develop competencies in various tools and allowed us to appreciate the potential hidden in this system. That is why we decided to become the official partner of Hubspot in Poland and introduce businesses to this ecosystem. We believe that it significantly improves the efficiency of processes within the business. Sales and marketing can do much, much more with just a few clicks!

Hubspot – the ark of inbound marketing

Hubspot helps marketers, salespeople, and business owners with inbound marketing. This methodology assumes that the potential clients come to us by themselves. Cool? Sure, but there’s a little catch. We have to work a lot to achieve this and produce a lot of pleasant and intelligent materials. What makes someone come to our business? Attractive video, problem-solving tutorial, useful blog article, podcast, and other forms that answer questions.

Using the Inbound methodology in marketing

If you are a modern marketer, your goal is to attract new clients to the business, engage them so that they are willing to move on to the next stages, and then delight and surprise them individually.

Attract Tools

  • Ads
  • Video
  • Blogging
  • Social media
  • Content strategy

You don’t want just anyone to come to your site. You want people who will most likely become your forward-looking contact and ultimately a satisfied customer. How to get them? You attract more of the right customers with the right content at the right time – when they are looking for it.
Use a content strategy tool to build your search authority and rank the topics that matter most to your potential customers. Publish your blog post or video content on social networks using social media tools. Create ads to increase awareness of your brand among your target audience. At each stage, you will report and analyze your efforts to stay informed of what is working and where you still need to improve.

Engage Tools

  • Lead flows
  • Email marketing
  • Lead management
  • Conversational bots
  • Marketing automation

Use conversations to build lasting relationships with prospects on your preferred channels – via email, bots, phone, live chat, or messaging app. Use conversion tools – CTAs, forms, and lead flows – to capture information about potential customers visiting your site. Use all the information about potential and customers in CRM to personalize your site experience with smart content and the entire buyer’s journey through email and workflows. Create brand loyalty by targeting specific audiences with social content or ads. Choose from hundreds of integrations to add additional tools and features to your business’s unique needs.

Delight Tools

  • Smart content
  • Email marketing
  • Conversations inbox
  • Attribution reporting bots
  • Marketing automation

Use email and marketing automation as well as chat to get the right information to the right person at the right time, every time. Use the conversation inbox to match your sales and service team members to create contextual conversations with people you do business with. Create unforgettable content that potential users can share with friends.

What tools does Hubspot offer?

Hubspot, as part of its platform, provides many tools to support the work of marketing and sales teams. A part of basic trader tools is free of charge.

Marketing tools are paid, but if our business has the right scale – it just pays off. Hubspot offers a lot of services that are usually used in marketing and you pay for them. The difference is that we have everything in one place and we get the integration with measuring results as a gift.

What exactly will you find?



Publish relevant, engaging, conversion-optimized content with tools that accelerate creation, maintain formatting consistency, and make search optimization easier.


Landing pages

Launch landing pages that look perfect on all devices, add forms optimized for completion with one click, and automatically change content based on who views your page.



Create stunning email templates, automatically personalize subject lines and content for each recipient, and run A / B tests to improve open and click rates.


Marketing automation

Let your potential customers find their own buying path to close more deals. With marketing automation, you can leverage the behavior of each prospect to tailor email, content, offers, and generate more sales.


Lead management

Access information about every contact and see every interaction you’ve already had. Use this data to create hyperlinked campaigns that close more offers.



Gain insight about the funnel to see which marketing assets are the most difficult and show how marketing is impacting your bottom line.



SEO friendly and fully integrated website. Save your best designs as templates to get your sites running faster.


Social media

Monitor brand mentions and relevant conversations, track tasks automatically, and schedule your social posts when the right people see them.



Plan your content strategy around topics that will raise your authority on search engines, get optimization tips when creating content, and measure the real ROI with integrated analysis.


Call to action

Call to Action buttons can be placed wherever you want. This allows you to test and optimize websites in terms of visitors’ preferences, maximizing the effects of your marketing efforts.



Track precisely the ROI of your ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google. Knowing what and how, you will have hard data to support the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.


Salesforce integration

Two-way syncing with Salesforce means saving every open email, CTA clicks and submitting the form at your fingertips. Use this data to evaluate leads and build split lists.

Hubspot tools supporting sales

HubSpot sales tools save time at every stage of the sales funnel. Here’s how Hubspot adds hours to your day…


Automate reach

Set up a queue of personalized emails and reminders to be delivered automatically at the right time.


Create and share email templates

Turn repetitive emails into templates, measure their performance, and share the best ones with your entire team. Email sequences are a powerful sales tool.


Continue flawlessly

Receive instant notifications of potential customers who opened emails, clicked links, or opened attachments to track sales opportunities quickly and accurately.


Faster appointments

Connect with prospects via live chat on your site and eliminate outbound emails and missed calls by sending a link that allows potential customers to choose a meeting time that works for both parties.


Create offers, don’t enter data

Eliminate manual input! Contact information for each prospect is automatically logged. Automate time-consuming tasks such as heating leads, creating activities, and more.


Track the entire customer journey

Sync with HubSpot CRM to track wins, losses and pending deals, and see which reps are your best (and why).
You can see who is visiting your site in real time, how often they are visiting, and which sites interest them the most. If they browse through the documents, you’ll know which sites they find the most appealing.

To prevent potential clients from slipping through the cracks, set up a sequence of personalized emails and reminders, set up a delivery schedule, and then each replenishment will automatically go to the inbox.

When the recipient opens an email, clicks a link, or downloads an attachment, he/she is logged for quick information and you will be notified about this fact immediately.

Hubspot Partner Poland

Integrating multiple tools for a marketer has a lot of advantages. So if you are ready to scale your business and consolidate your sales or marketing tools, Hubspot will be definitely worth considering. It is also an excellent platform for assessing the work of sales and marketing departments and their effectiveness. Hubspot offers extensive analytical possibilities: the results of marketing campaigns, as well as statistics of phone calls, e-mails, message sequences sent and others – basically any evidence of employee activity.

This allows you to better manage the team as a whole and to identify bottlenecks and problems encountered while scaling businesses.


If it all looks interesting, take a look at what we offer within each package as a Hubspot partner:

Package I

Package II

Package III

The package includes starting the HubSpot system and configuring basic functions. The package guarantees support in configuring the advanced functions of the HubSpot system. The package allows you to take full advantage of HubSpot, provides best practices in setting up and support of Verseo specialists.
Introduction to the Inbound methodology
Implementation of the CRM system
E-mail support
Defining basic reports
Implementation of the Task System (Tasks)
Integration with Gmail or Office365
Configuration of phone connections in HubSpot
Help in defining the main audience
Deal management configuration
Assistance in the preparation of sales sequences
E-mail marketing
Chat Bot
Integration with Google Ads
Integration with Facebook
Integration with YouTube
Customer feedback
Knowledge Base – FAQ creation tool
Configuration of dedicated reports
Tracking URL BuilderBETA
Creating groups of recipients for PPC campaigns
Landing pages
Lead Scoring
Ticket System
Definition and tracking of KPI’s
Periodic Webinars – Knowledge Hub Spot
Configuration of automatic workflows
SEO support
Shopify integration

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We will respond to inquiries submitted from
Monday to Friday 8.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. within 1 hour (GMT+1)
The remaining inquiries will be answered on the next business day by 9.00 a.m.

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