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Launching Google Ads campaign (previously Google AdWords) ensures being in places where most internet users start looking for recommendations related to products and services. This means that when running any business – with a local, national or even global reach – you can’t give up advertising on Google, which is a leading search engine in the world.

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Why is it worth investing in Google Ads?

Google is used by over 90% of people using the Internet. With Google Ads advertising, you can also run ads on Youtube (which is the second most popular search engine in the digital universe).

Ads in the Google search engine, thanks to linking to Google Analytics, are also characterized by excellent analytics, which allows you to optimize campaigns to increase their effectiveness. Budget flexibility is also important – you can spend any amount on your advertising.

Why should you do Google Ads with Verseo?

Words can be crucial, but in fact, it’s the numbers that don’t lie:


of extended contracts


satisfied customers


of positive reviews on Google

such reviews as this:

If you’re still not convinced, it’s time to bring our crowning argument – machine learning.

Most of the agencies on the market are relatively small because they are based only on human work. And as we know people get sick, they like to make coffee or just go on vacation. They also have limited perceptions and have to divide their time between many responsibilities and clients. As a result, campaigns run by normal agencies are not regularly optimized to the level that they are in Verseo. How do we do it?

How do we do it?

Our specialists work with the help of the VCM platform – that is our solution based on machine learning. Machine learning collects historical data and analyzes current traffic to make changes in Google Ads advertising campaigns in order to achieve the goal defined at the beginning (e.g. maximizing conversions or impressions). And when a specialist can introduce a dozen changes once in a while, our platform can implement up to several thousand changes per day – all in order to spend your budget as effectively as possible.

We also use other platforms that are based on a similar solution. Each of them has different advantages and works well for different types of campaigns as well as different sizes of budgets. We are also the only official partner of the Kenshoo platform in Poland.

In this article you can read more about the advantages of using the VCM platform while running Google Ads advertising campaigns. We present specific cases of using self-learning algorithms and the process of achieving optimal results.

Ok, you already know why you should choose us for Google Ads. Now we will give you a reason to like us:

The advantages of Google Ads

When promoting a website, we must direct the available advertising budget to the channels that prove to be the best in terms of the effectiveness of customer acquisition. Google AdWords – the current Google Ads – is often the best form of advertising for many businesses offering products and services.

Great effectiveness is based on several basic factors:



The Google search engine is a monopoly in most parts of the world. According to various sources, from 80 to 95% of Internet users use Google almost every day – both at work and at home. Therefore, the majority of the population is looking for advice, products, services or recommendations, and that’s when they should find your offer! Of course, Google search engine is mainly known for its organic results. The first page – top10 – consists of links that are best suited to your query and that are most frequently visited. To improve your organic position in the search engine, you should invest in optimization and positioning (SEO) of the website.

Unfortunately, it is a long-term process, and each of us wants to start earning as soon as possible, right? Sure! And responding to this need, Google offers the Google Ads system, which, among many possibilities, also allows you to place sponsored links in the search engine. This means that the user, when entering a given phrase, at the very top of the search (or next to or at the bottom of the first page) may be dealing with advertising text and a link leading to your website. Such an advertisement differs from organic results only in a small caption “Ad”. Generally, however, users do not treat this form strictly advertising. These types of links meet the expectations of customers – otherwise they would be ineffective and would burn the marketing budget. Nobody will offer dog food for people looking for winter tires.

Generally, therefore, users in many cases treat Google Ads sponsored links as a search result and that’s it. Since most internet dwellers use a search engine, you have a huge range of opportunities to show off and target your ads to the right groups.



You can run a ppc ads at any time. Thanks to this, you will quickly react to variables that may affect the number of your customers – e.g. a given calendar time, weather, unexpected events or demand for a given product or service. However, it is also important that this type of campaign can also be stopped at any time.



Many advertisers appreciate the flexibility of Google Ads budget. Depending on the scale, scope and specificity of your business, you can spend from several dozen dollars, euros or any other currency to even several hundred thousand a month. Regardless of the amount spent, a properly structured campaign leading to a website should bring new orders. But why?



Mainly due to the great potential of targeting ads. We can choose from many types of targeting, e.g. location or selecting people who previously visited sites on a given topic. We can also target the users who have already visited our site and therefore may be more likely to repeat the purchase or simply reconsider it.



The main advantage of the Google Ads advertising environment – that is the old Google AdWords – is the analytics available for each campaign. By integrating our account with Google Analytics, we have access to a wide range of data. What does this give us?

If you don’t measure it, you won’t be able to correct it. This is the main drawback of press and TV advertisements. You can only rely on focus research and statistics, which unfortunately aren’t perfect. Unlike these forms, the Google Ads and Google Analytics panel offer a variety of indicators. We can also measure a chosen time period and analyze every channel, every ad group and effects of our Google Ads campaign. All this means that we can constantly observe changes that have occurred after the introduction of, for example, new elements or a change in the operating strategy. Google Ads management is very complex as the settings can be modified quickly and improved basically overnight.



When discussing the reach of the Google Ads advertising environment, it is worth dividing this topic into two parts. The first is for the Search Network, and the second is for the Google Display Network.

Search Network:
As the name suggests – it has to do with the display of your ads. Currently, over 95% of internet users use the Google search engine, so theoretically, you can reach each of them. In practice, of course, this does not happen, because – in general – the wider the audience, the less targeted it is. Of course, it all depends on the products or services you offer, but each business identifies people who could potentially be more interested in the offer than an average user. Of course, as we mentioned earlier, in Google Ads you can easily make such a choice by choosing from among thousands of variables.

Display network:
It allows you to display banners and other forms of advertising on Google partner sites. The display network covers 90% of world internet users and consists of about 2 million websites from those based on local e-commerce or movies news, to digital giants, such as Yahoo or HuffPost. What is more, also here you can only reach customers who are interested in a given topic. You can also choose from hundreds of different parameters to target a given audience as precise as possible, while bearing in mind the appropriate ranges.

Google Ads and Mobile – a perfect duo

We have been hearing about the mobile year for several years now. We hear all the time – “this year for sure” and that websites must evolve towards the satisfaction of users of all devices, especially mobile users. And although the tendency of businesses to look towards mobile traffic was growing, the real breakthrough was not until 2018.

We can say it with confidence, observing the traffic of the campaigns that we carried out during the November Black Friday. Mobile overtook the desktop in the number of clicks, while in the number of conversions practically equaled the result of desktops – it was 49% of the total conversions on that day.

This means that, as in the past, smartphones were used to browse stores, and the purchase process was finalized on a stationary device, but now customers are more and more willing to do it via a mobile device. Of course, the constantly growing number of stores adapted to mobile helps this transition.

In this context, it is worth noting that while on the search page on a stationary device we have a chance to see organic results at the very beginning, despite the extensive Google Ads (Google Adwords) offer, in the case of a mobile device, in order to reach organic results you have to scroll a lot. At the beginning, we get sponsored links and promoted products in graphic form, which more effectively attract traffic from a given query. Therefore, choosing Google Ads is a great idea, especially in the context of the mobile channel.

Google Ads – advantages over traditional advertising

The main advantage over traditional advertising in the case of Google Ads is the measurability of effects.

Advertising in the press, television, or simply printing leaflets – in all of this you rely only on estimates or statistical research, which may not contribute to a larger number of recipients and possible customers. In Google Ads, especially thanks to linking the account to Google Analytics, we have the opportunity to track every single penny spent on our online advertising campaigns.

It is also important that the threshold for entering a Google Ads ad is very low. You can start the campaign with any amount, observe its results and freely modify its parameters to spend the budget as effectively as possible.

Google Ads – tutorials from Verseo

Verseo is the biggest Google Ads agency in the central Europe. Apart from running Google Ads campaigns with the use of machine learning – we pay special attention to educating customers and everyone who wants to get to know the Google advertising environment. In our resources you can find a lot of tutorials related to the topic – both PPC and SEO. We are gradually expanding our resource base, and soon – apart from basic forms of education such as guides and blog entries, there will also be webinars conducted by our specialists.

In the meantime, we encourage you to download the guide in which we describe the best 24 Google tools for marketers and those running their own businesses.

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