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Would you like to build reach on premium locations? Would you like to reach audiences on a similar level to television but for less money? Check out Verseo’s offer for running a Display & Video 360 campaigns!

Thanks to Display & Video 360 your ads can appear on VOD platforms and most popular websites. This solution allows for creating and publishing ads in places that are known to the audience as trustworthy. Successful reach campaigns have never been so simple!

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  • Display ads on reputable VOD platforms
  • Measure the quality of ads, set the limit of views, use rich media formats
  • Displaying ads on all browsers and devices

Display & Video 360 – what is it?

Display & Video 360 is a platform that has combined the functions and services previously known as DoubleClick Bid Manager, Campaign Manager or Studio and Audience Center and significantly expanded their possibilities. It is a whole environment for holistic planning and designing the campaign architecture, all the way to its management and further optimization – all within one tool. D&V 360 also allows you to search and purchase advertising space that is beyond the reach of classic systems. These are premium surfaces on websites with a very high reputation.

All this means that the skilful use of the available functions of the D&V 360 platform will increase the effectiveness of your internet activities aimed at boosting reach.

Display & Video 360 – why is it worth it?

The amount of data available for analysis offered by D&V 360 underlines the importance of experience in the above-mentioned area. Basic modules cover:

  • quality control thanks to combining the components of a given campaign in the view,
  • holistic paths of developing and launching media plans,
  • creating, optimizing and monitoring the campaign with the division into individual elements of the order,
  • recipient lists management,
  • new options allowing for recipients’ profile analysis,
  • creating new lists based on various data sources,
  • creating paths for recipients based on their behavior in a given campaign,
  • Implementation of capping (impressions limit) for each stage of a customer journey,
  • immediate remarketing,
  • new workspace for the whole team creating the architecture of the campaigns,
  • new, non-standard advertising formats, unavailable for classic Google campaigns,
  • new ad displaying rules depending on the recipient’s profile,
  • contract negotiation,
  • reputable, premium locations,
  • finding high-quality inventory from other publishers and broadcasters,
  • new options allowing for the analysis of effectivity of a given stage of the campaign,
  • real-time reports without the need of waiting for data to export,
  • app promotion and gmail promotion,
  • simple integration with Google Data Studio.

Sounds interesting but a little bit vague, right?
Easy – that’s where we come to the stage.

There are currently four high-class 360 system specialists working at Verseo and all of them have experience gathered from the times of DoubleClick and other such end-to-end platforms. Their competence and skills, combined with the capabilities of the Display & Video 360 platform, are a real knock-out punch against your competition.

Except for services mentioned above we can:

  • determine the optimal budget for chosen goals,
  • buy premium locations for you,
  • thanks to omitting media houses and PR businesses we can optimize the cost of your ads,
  • prepare clear and transparent reports,
  • use unique and astonishing targeting options, based on demographics, users’ interests, behavior and intentions,
  • integrate your other advertising channels.

Bypass the commission of media houses and PR businesses!

Perhaps you thought that advertising on television or big streaming platforms is reserved only for the biggest brands and must be done in cooperation with a PR agency or a media house. Display & Video 360 changed the rules of the game. From now on, every brand that wants to get access to platforms and locations considered as premium can advertise on them, omitting the said commissions. The costs of broadcasting are significantly lower than in the case of TV advertising. D&V 360 also guarantees reaching closely matched groups of recipients and creating unique paths for them that increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Brand safety

When creating a campaign, you can define content on which you do not want to display your marketing message.This applies not only to websites without much thematic connection with your industry. Currently, you can identify sensitive content that may not be beneficial for your brand – such as information about accidents or disasters. This way you protect your brand reputation from unwanted associations.

Automated bidding strategy

The architecture and further optimization of the campaign can be done according to the rules you define. Machine learning algorithms will ensure their uncompromising performance, which will allow you to perfectly match the investment to your goals.

With automated bidding strategies, you can choose one of the following options:


Conversions maximization

for campaigns aiming at increasing sales/number of leads. The algorithm maximizes the number of conversions while minimizing the cost of acquisition.


Clicks maximization

for campaigns aimed at acquiring valuable traffic to the website, with setting the maximum CPC rate


Views maximization

Getting quality views with determined viewability (visibility of the advertisement on the website) for brand campaigns


Full video views maximization


10-second views maximization


Possibility to implement your own strategies via scripts

Increased user engagement and exposition to advertising

When it comes to video ads, most VOD platforms work in the same manner as TV – they don’t let the viewer skip spots. It results in high viewability, mostly because the number of ads is significantly lower than in the case of advertising on television.

Similarly, creating paths ends up in increased engagement and – in a way – “drawing” into the world of the brand.


Display & Video 360 gives much more powerful targeting options than classic Google Display Network (GDN). With this tool the advertiser can use the data from external sources, which can improve campaign results. The lists can cover e.g. customers of specific stores and people buying products of a given brand – the data comes from loyalty programs and geolocation (physical presence in stores).

Additionally, we can create lists of non-standard recipients. We define the recipient’s profile through the websites of the client’s competitors he/she visits and the phrases he/she searches for on Google.

Display & Video 360:

  • more advanced segmentation of data about purchasing intentions and interests,
  • targeting by technology – used LTE connection, Wi-Fi, etc.,
  • used phone models,
  • installed applications,
  • and more!

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