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Each work strategy related to SEO must be long-term and carefully thought through, and the website should contain valuable and unique content. We position the websites of both service businesses for selected keywords and online stores for several dozen or even several thousand of keywords.

We also optimize websites for the so-called “long tail”. In the field of website positioning, we are one of the largest agencies in the region. Our specialists take care of proper SEO and positioning of our clients’ websites.

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What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is a complicated process consisting of many different factors. There are about 200 of them and they influence the presence of a given website on the first page of search results for specific phrases, which increases website traffic and sales potential.

Having a website is one thing. However, without website positioning, it will not be visible to anyone. Only the creation of valuable content, unique product descriptions and proper work with the website code or intelligent linking will make your website jump to selected phrases in the search results. This is the purpose of website positioning (SEO services). The competition for website positioning is huge – in fact, it’s hard to imagine a more competitive work environment. Your goal is always the first page of search results – this is where over 90% of users using the Google search engine stop.

It is assumed that the position of the page is influenced by about 200 factors – their weight and number change periodically – each time Google introduces new things in its algorithm. Google is very reluctant to share accurate data on what works more and what works less. This is due to the fact that Google does not support actions related to the “deliberate” movement of its page in search results except for the organic addition of content and optimization of the page code to facilitate its indexing by robots. That is why most of the knowledge is based on the experience of SEO specialists, constant testing and trial and error methods. What’s more – with periodic changes in algorithms, it is especially important that positioners keep their finger on the pulse and observe and learn all the time. Professional SEO services are a constant race regarding knowledge, adaptation and experiments.

Search engine optimization – like everything in this world – works in certain situations and it’s good when you are aware of a few facts before making a decision. First of all, website positioning is perfect for online stores. They offer a lot of subpages that can be naturally used for this task. In addition, website positioning is calculated for a long-term action and permanent anchoring on the search page. However, it requires working with a relatively constant set of key phrases plus adding new ones according to the needs and new market opportunities. Periodic changes to the keywords selected at the beginning contradict the idea of ​​positioning and that definitely shouldn’t happen. SEO Marketing works well in promoting services and products of most industries present on the Internet. However, you should remember about the idea of ​​building positioning, for example for the long tail. It’s best to contact the SEO business and ask for a quote for your domain. In our case, we always look at how to best position a given website.

A well-positioned website affects the business’s reputation. Many users still skip Google Ads visible in the search engine (despite their good match with the search query) and automatically move to organic results. Therefore, being in the first place cannot be overestimated.

In addition, Search optimization is a relatively inexpensive method of obtaining high-quality traffic on a given website. The only problem is that website positioning takes a relatively long time. If you can accept that – do not hesitate any longer and write to us!

Search results – when do we know that web positioning works?

What affects the web positioning, and at the same time is visible to a standard search engine user, is the title, url address and a short description of what the page is about. This is just the tip of the iceberg, but it is rare – in the competitive environment of the Google search engine – that a page is displayed first without optimizing these three points.

  • The description – along with the header – suggest what the page is about. The better the content that encourages interaction, the bigger success for your SEO. It is not about someone entering and leaving the site immediately. Where the users “land” they should get what they came in for. If we ask what Google Ads is, we should find the answer to this question on the landing page. A dedicated meta description is – depending on the time of publication – from 150 to 250 characters (Google changes the rules governing this from time to time).
  • The page title is usually around 80 characters long.
  • URL – It should be as simple as possible and contain a few words that define what the page is about.

SEO – website optimization for the Google search engine

Website optimization is defined as a wide range of works on the website that are to prepare it for cooperation with Google web bots. Due to optimization page indexing is easier, and consequently the website position increases.

What do we do as part of optimization, what can we do in cooperation with the client, and what we do not do while performing SEO?


What, among others, are our SEO experts doing while performing optimization?

The scope of SEO works depends on the access we have received, the construction of the website, technology in which it was made, customer acceptance for the work carried out, etc.

  • We pin the website to Google Search Console to control its operation and indexing by web robots
  • We introduce friendly addresses of subpages – if the website allows it.
  • We add subpages – if necessary.
  • We convert one page into more complex sites.
  • We provide the website with valuable links – in accordance with the chosen positioning strategy.
  • Every day we monitor the positions on the phrases selected for positioning – clients have access to the panel where they can see their positions.
  • We remove any filters and penalties that may be placed on the website. However, the decision on amnesty ultimately belongs to Google.
  • We perform an audit of the website and links – at the beginning of the contract.
  • We optimize meta tags, especially on the home page, on menu subpages, related to categories or positioned terms. In the case of online stores, it is not necessary to optimize the subpage of each product.
  • We make sure that the website is available at one address – we redirect if necessary.
  • We deliver new content and remove duplicate content – if such a problem occurs. Content changes require customer approval.
  • We check if the website is indexed by Google (robots.txt, canonical, index, follow). If the page is excluded from indexing – we report it. We make sure that network bots have access to it.

What can we do for our client?

  • We implement the Blog or News section on the website.
  • We send guidelines on how to create valuable content for the website.
  • We prepare sample entries for the business blog.
  • We can propose solutions in the field of content marketing – it is additionally payable.
  • We prepare dedicated microsites – it is additionally payable.
  • We send guidelines related to the rebuilding or a new version of the website – we advise you on what to do to make the website prepared for SEO
  • We can conduct SEO training – it is additionally payable.

What actions are not part of SEO contract?

  • We do not deal with a thorough reconstruction of the website in terms of speed, loading, graphics optimization, etc., which are indicated by tools such as PageSpeed ​​Tools Insight.
  • We do not provide content for the entire website, descriptions of each product, etc. – however, it is possible to additionally commission this to copywriters cooperating with Verseo
  • We do not update CMSs (this also applies to online stores).
  • We do not perform works related to the responsibilities of the website administrator.
  • We do not make copies of customer services and do not store them in case of failure.
  • We do not deal with the servers on which the websites are hosted – we may inform you that there is a problem with them.

  • We do not remove viruses from websites.
  • We do not remove traces of hacking on the website.

Why does SEO take so long?

The time and amount of work that needs to be put into positioning depend on many factors – the condition of the website before the start of optimization, the possibilities offered by CMS, the number and difficulty of keywords, as well as the level of access received by the positioner.

Optimization (also known as on-page SEO), that is preparing the website for the top10 race, is the first stage that every website must pass. The time that you need to spend on it is closely related to the number of key phrases and the size of the website, not to mention its preparation. At this stage, it is important to contact the owner – negotiations regarding the content of h1 headers and the volume and placement of texts, consent to add new pages, as well as possible contact with the developer in order to rebuild some elements of the website.

It is difficult to clearly define completion of the optimization, especially in the case of websites that are constantly updated with new content.

Each deletion of an already performed optimization returns the entire process to the very start. The same applies to changes on the website, especially its complete rebuilding.

SEO results from Verseo

Skillful website positioning allows for a significant increase in inquiries and organic entries. The higher the page is in the search results, the better for your business, for obvious reasons. The graphic below shows an example of the results achieved by customers using the SEO services of Verseo in order to position websites.

type average budget average number of phrases % increase in traffic % increase in orders / contacts
service industry 500 12 +140% from 10 000 to 24 000 +1 120% from 10 to 122 contacts
online store 1 000 30 +487% from 25 794 to 151 621
+3 190% from 20 to 658
+328% from 569 000 to 2 434 537

service industry 1,500 50 +465% from 935 to 5 287 +960% from 5 to 53 contacts
online store 3 500 250 +4 619% from 1 511 to 71 314
+679% from 449 to 3500
+725% from 119 000 to 982 000

online store 5 000 500 +1 093% from 42 993 to 512931
+420% from 2 405 to 12 500
+327% 56 920 do 2 434 537

4 things worth paying attention to when choosing a SEO agency.


Firstly the team

Make sure that the business you commission positioning and optimizing your website has the right people for it. Freelancer? It may be a good idea, but you never know if this is a person who has time to educate himself and test new options. SEO is constantly changing and the answer to the question “how does SEO work?” is not the same as years or even months ago.

A website positioning agency usually uses at least a few people who have different experiences, skills and successes. All of this – combined with each other – creates a meaningful mix that can match many – not just select industries. Larger agencies also cannot afford spectacular failures like blocking websites due to overly aggressive actions. For example, Verseo in its entire history has not recorded a single such case.

Of course, there is a concern that an agency with more clients may not have time for an individual approach. The same objection may apply to SEO freelancers, and what’s why the most important point is customer feedback.


Agreement, efficiency, honesty

One parameter can roughly tell you if it’s worth it. This parameter is the opinions of other customers. Recommendations are a useful thing, but scale too. One or two positive comments on SEO is a good start, but you need to go deeper. A rational method is a thorough analysis of the opinion of a given business in Google maps or reviews on Facebook. This way, you verify larger agencies. It’s hard to check the freelancers – because they rarely run their pages on FB or take time to create maps and add opinions. Therefore, their verification is more difficult. It is a pity, because when positive opinions prevail, we gain relative confidence that we will conduct further talks on web positioning with the right people – SEO experts, masters of the craft.


The offer is the third important thing

From the SEO point of view. It should be tailored to the type of business you run, and preceded by an interview in which your assistant should understand what you are doing, what you care about, in which direction your business will go. The more time you spend building a suitable offer, the more you will be sure later that you are getting what you want. Remember also that SEO is a long-term activity, so you should not think of it in terms of here and now, but think ahead. Maybe, for example, in three months you are going to introduce a new range of products? Cool! Let’s think about it today, to be prepared for it in 3 months. Therefore, the offer for website positioning or SEO should be tailored to your business as much as possible. If you receive an offer of website positioning in a standard form, you do not have to worry yet – just remember that before starting the work, you must exchange all important information related to your business with your assistant.


Last but not least – the contract!

Transparent, fair, rationally positioned and protecting both sides. This is what an SEO/ website positioning contract should be, as these types of contracts last longer than shorter (in the case of Verseo it is 12 months). It should therefore be satisfactory for both parties.

Why are website positioning contracts signed for such a long period?


Agency changes

Frequent changes of SEO agencies do not have a positive effect on the website’s position in the search engine. This is because it often means changing the links leading to the website or their profile. The linking “style” may also change. Anyway – any change on a larger scale may harm your website positioning.


Positioning phrases

Depending on the competitiveness – it lasts relatively long. It may turn out that for the first month of optimization there will be no significant changes in positions, and you will have to wait even a quarter or – in the case of more difficult phrases – six months for the first significant changes. But take it easy! The prospect seems distant, but it pays off. The more competitive the phrase, the more profitable its positioning – even if you have to spend a lot of time on it, it can pay off!


Website optimization

This is, of course, a continuous process and dependent on changes in Google’s recommendations for webmasters, algorithms, or changing market conditions. Nevertheless, basic SEO works – to a large extent – must be carried out at the beginning of cooperation. The audit itself takes quite a long time. Therefore, for an average business, signing contracts for a period of less than half a year, would be pointless. If the website positioning business has good opinions on the Internet, you risk little.

In the light of the above three points, it becomes clear why the contracts for website positioning are concluded for at least six months. A shorter period of time does not benefit the client or the website positioning business. The client may not notice the effects of professional SEO services work early enough, and may also lose these effects by making a rash decision.

Optimization and work related to positioning also depends on when the Google bot visits our website – of course there are ways to speed up such visits, but still – it remains unknown in detail.

Positioning of websites – good practices

What is the key in website positioning? Effective actions are crucial – they allow you to place your website at the top of the search results, which translates directly into traffic and the number of people who click on your link. But that’s the thing, isn’t it? Which activities in website positioning are therefore particularly desirable because they are effective?

Every good story starts with a word

It’s simple – the texts on your website must answer the questions asked by the search engine users. If you are looking for a recipe for tomato soup, you will probably type “tomato soup recipe” into the search engine. If you want your website to be on the first page of the results, you must include this type of phrase on it, and probably used more than once. Of course, there are tons of other factors that influence your position for a given phrase – basically there are around 200 of them and not all of them are tangible. Either way, remember that the text must satisfy both the Google crawler and the reader. Therefore, it is best to write for the reader, and give the bot something for free, at the stage of corrections in the text. However, the key is the attractiveness and usefulness of the text – readers can virally spread the information that the content is valuable. Unique content is what SEO likes best!

Speed ​​and agility

A simple but still underestimated truth – the longer someone waits for a page to load, the more likely he or she is to leave it before loading. Google is aware of this and successively cuts the reach of websites that are characterized by long loading times. Remember to optimize your website also in this respect – e.g. by properly compressing graphic files.


Not every page can be regularly decorated with flowery texts. That is why it is worth starting an industry blog. First, it will affect our image – building an expert image in perception (if it is good). The blog will be primarily beneficial in terms of SEO – positioning for the “long tail”, that are phrases that we do not want to attack in the first place, but are quite good as support. In general, top phrases are often so occupied that positioning on them can be a waste of time. A blog is a relatively simple method to position a website among people who are looking for niche topics. Referring to the previous example of tomato soup – you may not be in the top 10 searches for the phrase “tomato soup recipe”, but if you write a text with a recipe for tomato soup with rosemary and olives and add the appropriate headings and other components of a good website description, then you can get a few entries a month from people who are looking for something like that!


Remember about security certificates – especially in the case of online stores. Certificates are a ranking factor when it comes to website SEO and they build credibility among customers who prefer to make and use secured sites.

Positioning of websites – do it with us!

We will gladly take care of the website positioning for you – write to us for a free quote. We will respond quickly and design activities tailored to your business!

Can we position websites of businesses from the other end of the world?

Yes. There are no contraindications for a business from one end of the world to position a business from the other.

Basically, all formalities between the assistant / positioner and the client are dealt with by e-mail or by phone. Sometimes clients want to meet and talk, because of course it’s easier to trust someone by seeing them with their own eyes.

And we meet with clients if there is such a need. However, it is worth mentioning that large urban centers gather the best SEO and SEM agencies in the country, so often – to achieve the best possible results – we will have to reach for this agency located far from our place of business. The Internet allows us not only to broadly acquire customers, we can also acquire the best business partners! Therefore, we encourage you to choose website positioning agencies that have a lot of good opinions and inspire trust. The city where we are located has a strong base of businesses and technological universities, which gathers professionals dealing with both website positioning and online marketing.


See also our 40 SEO Lessons Guide – download a free e-book about website positioning and gain valuable knowledge!

Is the choice of a website CMS important in SEO?

What is worth mentioning, in Verseo we improve the position of websites based on both our clients’ own solutions and various CMSs (content management systems). There are many such solutions on the online market – from paid to fully free in their basic versions, such as WordPress or Joomla.

SEO – WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems in the world, used both for simple websites and huge horizontal portals. Due to its simplicity, the system is well suited for various types of websites – digital business cards, typical blogs, content websites or e-commerce. Its greatest strength is its versatility – thanks to the huge and constantly growing number of plugins (both free and paid), WordPress can be modified almost freely to match the website to the owner’s needs and requirements. Among plugins, it is worth highlighting WooCommerce – a plugin that allows you to turn a WP-based website into a functional online store.

A well-configured WordPress is a powerful platform for website positioning in search engines. The versatility of this CMS and quite good compatibility with Google crawlers guarantee a lot of space for SEO specialists’ creativity.

SEO – Joomla

Joomla, as well as WordPress, is a CMS that is versatile and relatively easy-to-use. A few years ago it was much better suited to big websites with a lot of content and many subpages, but during the development Joomla! has gained a bit of versatility. As a result, today, with a little effort, it is possible to create virtually any website without specialist knowledge, including a useful microsite.

Just like the aforementioned WP, also Joomla! can be enhanced with thousands of commercial and free add-ons that increase the usability of the site (although there are not as many as in the case of a slightly more popular WordPress). The word “Joomla” comes from the Swahili language and is synonymous with unity, community.

SEO – Drupal

Drupal is theoretically less popular than WP and Joomla, although it is used by over a million websites around the world, and the CMS itself has nearly twenty years of tradition. With Drupal you can natively manage metadata, and the plug-in package allows you to further expand positioning options, so positioning is not only possible, but also – as far as possible – convenient.

SEO – other Content Management Systems

If your website is based on non-standard solutions or less known content management systems, SEO specialists from Verseo will choose the tools ideally suited to the technical requirements of the software and your needs.

Due to the vast experience of our positioners, if we know that a given system may limit the results of the SEO team’s activities, we will carefully analyze the website and suggest necessary changes.

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