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YouTube was established in 2005 and very quickly became the second – after Google – most popular search engine in the world. Currently, YouTube is visited by about a billion users a month, and the total time they spend watching the posted videos is well over 6 billion hours on a 30-day scale. YouTube is already available in over 100 countries, and slightly more than 70% of users use it on mobile devices.

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Youtube is the second most popular search engine after Google – perfect for video advertising!

YouTube was created as a place for free uploading and playback of videos, and its library includes music videos, video blogs, tutorials and guides, and many other types of videos. It is a service where we not only listen to music or relax while watching a video presenting amazing adventures of pets, but it’s also a treasury of knowledge with tips and videos showing how to make the perfect line on the eyelid, how to repair the battery, or how to trim a fruit tree.

YouTube, due to the huge and constantly growing popularity, is also a great advertising place. According to Google data, over 90% of consumers say that it was thanks to YouTube videos and ads that they discovered new products and brands, and in 2018 alone, the time of watching videos with purchase advice doubled compared to the results of 2017.

With the ability to present products or services in the form of videos, more than 52% of Internet users watching a video on YouTube have taken specific actions, e.g. made a purchase.

More and more advertisers are starting to use YouTube advertising in their promotional campaigns. They know that potential customers should be reached not only from the level of the Google search engine, and that short text ads or small-size graphic banners are just a drop in the ocean of promotion methods.

In the face of growing opportunities and the emergence of stronger competition, it is worth reaching internet users as widely as possible. However, not only the place, but also the way of presenting products or services is important – advertising on YouTube allows you to convey much more information than other types of advertising. Where to show, if not in the video, the best advantages of the product or its use?

YouTube ad formats

YouTube together with Google Ads currently offers several different formats of video ads, which most often take the form of short video presenting given products or services and are displayed to Internet users while watching the videos they choose on the website or on the YouTube mobile application.

TrueView in Stream

Youtube ads are displayed before, during or after YouTube videos, games and applications on the Display Network. Ads may be skipped after 5 seconds of display.

TrueView Discovery

Ads that appear above YouTube search results or at the top of the column containing suggested video ads to watch (related to the video you’re currently viewing). They are presented in the form of a banner – film frames along with the title and description, and clicking on the banner initiates the playback of the advertising film.

Bumper Ads

The so-called bumper ads – short, 6-second advertising teasers that cannot be omitted. They are displayed before, during or after the video, and most often are accompanied by other types of video advertisements to strengthen the advertising message.

Youtube video ad sequences

They make it possible to tell the story of the promoted product or brand, showing Internet users a series of videos in a specific order. After users see the first step in your sequence, they can see the second step, and so on until every sequence step in the campaign has been shown.

Overlay Ads

Interactive cards presenting products from the online store that Internet users have watched before or which are related to the film being watched. Clicking on the card redirects recipients to the product subpage to enable the purchase. In this case, it is required to be connected to a Google Merchant Center account and to have a product feed.

The most desired interaction with a video ad is clicking on the ad, on the companion banner, or on the overlay with a call to action, and visiting the advertiser’s channel or website. Video ads are billed in the CPV (cost per view) or CPM (pay per mile) system.

Advantages of Youtube Ads

Youtube video ads are a great way to reach Internet users who are at different stages of the so-called sales funnel. Thanks to very precise targeting options, they can be presented to users actively looking for selected products or services, but also to those who are at the very beginning of the purchasing path. Advertising on Youtube can be targeted both on the basis of selected groups of recipients (e.g. people interested in a healthy lifestyle or planning to buy an apartment) and contextually – e.g. displayed on automotive or business channels.

Ads on YouTube and the Google Ads admin panel provide advanced data measurement capabilities. Unlike TV advertising, they allow you to accurately check the number of clicks, views, impressions, conversions, etc., based on selected days, hours, devices or audience. Based on this data, video campaigns can be effectively optimized – a huge amount of data allows you to determine in which groups of recipients you should invest more budget, or on which days of the week it is worth increasing expenses.

YouTube video ads have very low unit costs. The average cost for watching an advertising film, depending on the industry, target group and campaign optimization, may vary from a few to a dozen cents. There are campaigns where the customer pays as much as 0.01 USD for a single view of the advertisement.

Online ads are definitely more effective than their TV versions also in terms of engagement and impact. Thanks to the possibility of making quick and direct interaction (e.g. clicking and landing on a website), ads generate more conversions than ads on screens.
They are also characterized by simple configuration – video campaigns are created in a very simple and intuitive way, and in case of any doubts, the extensive Google support is available 24/7.

Video ads give the opportunity to present the effects, advantages or ways of using the promoted products or services. Contrary to TV spots, YouTube ads can last up to several minutes, and it is the audience who decides whether to watch the entire ad, skip it or make a different interaction. In the case of online advertising, any video placed on the advertiser’s YouTube channel can be an advertising video.

Due to the constantly growing access to the Internet, the reach of video advertising campaigns is increasing every year. Already about 80% of internet users use YouTube, spending more and more time there.

YouTube video ad targeting

Google Ads offers many options for targeting your video ads. Advertisers can reach audiences using the following targeting methods:



age, gender, parental status and household income (available in selected countries),


Audience groups

according to Google’s estimates, have specific interests, are guided by specific intentions and belong to specific demographic groups,



related to the advertised products or services, which will enable the display of video ads next to the content of interest to the recipient,



which will allow you to easily place ads on channels, applications or videos devoted to a specific topic,



specific movies or channels on which the advertiser would like to appear with his ad,



the so-called Reminder ads that are designed to encourage Internet users to watch the movie again, visit the advertiser’s channel or website.

Why is it worth investing in video advertising?

YouTube is a place where Internet users spend more and more time. It acts like a gigantic shopping mall. Every day there are lots of people there – some are rushing in a certain direction, others stop curiously for a moment to see what caught their eye. Some are only interested in a given destination, others are eager to look around, absorb views, tastes and smells from the shops they pass, and are often tempted by them. So it’s worth trying to get your own piece of YouTube and serve the best on it. By presenting our offer to properly selected recipients, we have the opportunity to achieve good results. Additionally, in cooperation with qualified specialists who will tell you where to position, how to attract attention and who to show yourself to, these effects can be spectacular.

YouTube is a great place to promote your products or services!

If you want to know how to get more customers, contact us. As certified Google Ads specialists, we will prepare a tailor-made campaign for you. We will help you choose the right advertising videos, select the best target groups, configure and optimize the campaign based on the highest standards, and our proprietary platform will control your campaign 24/7 in order to generate the highest profits.

At Verseo, we use many types of campaigns, we work with clients from many different industries, we follow all the news in the field of advertising opportunities, we train, share knowledge and experience, and always try to find the best solutions.
Do you think YouTube won’t work in your business? Maybe it’s time to know it for sure? Many of our clients have transferred their TV budgets to Youtube!

Services that we provide to our clients as part of video advertising on YouTube:

  • Establishing and configuring a business channel on the website
  • Preparation and launch of films/animations on the channel
  • Conducting advertising campaigns within the set budget on YouTube
  • Conducting re-marketing campaigns on the YouTube network
  • Integration of the YouTube account with other sources: website, Facebook, Google+
  • Advanced campaign effectiveness analysis – YouTube Analytics, Google Analytics

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