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Over 50 algorithms tailored to the type of your business. Services or e-commerce? We’ve got it all.

Customer Care

Each campaign designed from scratch by our specialists. Additional support from our team during the whole time of our collaboration.

Simplicity & Savings

Easy to manage, analyze and optimize. All for better results and getting more customers.

Going big with the best tools from:

Our self-learning algorithms ensure that your investment results in cost savings and sales growth.

Reach for one of the 50 ready-made optimization strategies for various industries and budgets.

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We prepare transparent reports that will provide you with the necessary knowledge about the process and effectiveness of your campaign.

These reports are generated by our proprietary tool and are not available in standard Google Ads campaigns and SEO activities.

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You don’t know what will be effective for your business? Just entrust us with the strategy.

We will adjust it to the appropriate channels in relation to your budget and business goals. We create campaigns using all available tools in key advertising environments such as Google, Facebook or Amazon.

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Your goals. Our channels
and marketing strategies.


32% better sales for our clients.

We use:

  • Google Ads
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Facebook Ads
  • Product Listing Ads

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We run over a 1000 advertising campaigns for service and B2B websites.

Based on:

  • Google Ads
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads

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We build awareness campaigns with a wide range and optimized cost.

With the help of:

  • Google Display Network
  • YouTube
  • Programmatic
  • Gmail
  • App Campaigns

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Success stories

Challenges? No problem!

Price pressure from competition and customer outflow to other platforms? We solve the most important challenges.

Sławomir Bielenia
COO At MasterSport

We are likeable!

Our cooperation with Meble Teo is a perfect example of how smoothly we combine deep relationships with clients and effectiveness of operation.

Maksymilian Bartkowiak
Marketing Development Manager

We open up new possibilities.

We don’t just reach the customers you have in mind. We will also find those that you may have forgotten.

Joanna Tobiaszowska
Executive Marketing Manager

A minute with the benefits of Google Ads.

Clients are seeing the powerful advantages of Google Ads over other advertising channels more and more often.

Kinga Dudzińska
Project Manager

Development, development and efficiency again!

Daniel Górny
Marketing Specialist

Effective cost optimization.

You optimize costs with us. A partnership of our specialists and machine learning technology makes you spend much less on servicing and polishing ads.

Jarosław Kłakowicz
Marketing Specialist

Trusted by nearly 3,000 happy customers across Europe

Meet our Team

Unlike other automated solutions for optimizing Google Ads campaigns, we have not forgotten about highly qualified specialists for assistance.

Certified Specialists

Will make sure that your campaign meets all criteria from the very beginning. They will choose the right strategy and algorithm and give you technical support that you need most!