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Easy Google Ads Campaign Reporting: Check Metrics & Performance

Google Ads is without any doubt the most popular and powerful advertising platform on the internet. Since its start in 2000 (as Google AdWords) the service has come a long way to revolutionize digital sales and become an inseparable part of the web in general. There is no marketing or e-commerce specialist who has not heard about Google Ads. If you pick a marketing specialist at random, there is a significant chance that this person’s professional bread and butter is Google Ads itself. 

Campaigns conducted with Google Ads are a living organism. Algorithms automatically and constantly look for – and what is more important, successfully find – solutions that make your ads more efficient and effective. The cooperation between a Google Ads specialist who takes care of planning a campaign and an advanced software that optimizes it day and night is the key to achieving great results.

However, the processes of outlining, implementing and optimizing Google Ads campaigns need organized and fully legible data if they are to be really powerful and help you fulfill the board’s expectations and established KPIs (key performance indicators). It is exactly the amount of possible variables that makes Google Ads so impressive and wholesome as a platform, but it can be a little confusing if you are not experienced. In other words, Google Ads is a double-edged sword that can spectacularly boost your business and sometimes generates chaos.

Google Ads is equipped with excellent statistics systems, but it definitely needs an experienced specialist to be used to its full potential. Among thousands of options, usually you need to constantly check only some of them – the most important ones that decide if your campaign is a notable success or a costly failure. Of course it depends on many factors – such as your budget, advertising strategy, variety of products, established goals, target group etc., but in reality for most businesses only some of the dimensions and metric are crucial on a regular basis.

Verseo Ads Banner
Verseo Ads Banner

But even after cutting some of the less important (at a given moment) statistics, you still need to find and organize data if you want to prepare a credible report on how your campaigns are performing. It takes time, energy and – at least at first – a lot of research. Google Ads, with all its power and beauty, does not offer a default simplified reporting system – you need to prepare it by yourself or pay a GA specialist to do it for you.

Google Ads free reporting tool from Verseo - calendar

And this is the reason why we decided to set up a fully automated Google Ads reporting system for free. After signing in, your reports will be waiting for you every week (weekly Google Ads reports) and every month (monthly Google Ads reports). This way you can observe how your campaigns perform week-to-week and month-to-month, allowing you to detect seasonality and temporary trends as well as a general outcome in a specific period of time.

Google Ads reports with Verseo consist of most important data that will be suitable for the vast majority of businesses when it comes to advertising via Google Ads. The report is comprehensive and plain at the same time, containing all the information you might need.

What is important, Verseo free Google Ads reports are shown in a very clear, transparent way. Not everyone has to know Google Ads backwards and forwards, but obviously you need to know results. No matter if you are the owner of the business and have to control performance of your workers, or you are a specialist that regularly updates the board of your operations or just wants to quickly see if everything works the way you intended it to – precise and straightforward reports are the best way to measure the outcome.

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Most important data visable in Google Ads free reporting tool from Verseo
Verseo Google Ads free reporting tool

What will you find in our Google Ads free reports?

  • Number of views – you can see how many times your ads have been displayed to users.
  • Number of conversions – the number of interactions that have led to an established action – i.e. buying a product or downloading a file.
  • Average CTR – clickthrough rate, also called click-to-impression ratio –  the number of clicks that your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown.
  • Average CPC – cost-per-click – shows you how much you pay for a single click on your ad (on average).
  • Income – the amount of money you earn on your ads.
  • Conversion cost – the average amount of money you spend on a single conversion 
  • Campaign cost – the amount of money you spend on a single campaign.
  • ROAS (return on ad spend) – shows you how many times the profit is bigger than the cost (how many dollars you receive for every dollar you spend on advertising). 
  • Performance in relation to the type of device – shows you if your ads work better on mobile, desktops or other devices.
  • Relation of traffic and sales to the time of day – shows you when on average your customers generate traffic and conversions.

As you can see above, our Google Ads reports present all you need in every basic situation. You can see how and when your customers visit your website and buy your products, which devices they use to do it and how much you pay for the traffic and conversions. With such reports you are able to instantly identify the strengths and weaknesses of your Google Ads campaigns. And what is essential, you get the information in one file that shows you what you should stick to when it comes to Google Ads, and what aspects should be changed in order to achieve better results.

To get free Google Ads reports you do not need to give us access to your account. Your data is safe – we cannot see or make any changes to your campaigns and ads. All you have to do is to allow the data to be transferred to our reporting system so that it can generate Google Ads reports.

And why should you get free Google Ads reports from Verseo?

Verseo has a prominent Google Premier Partner status that confirms our experience and knowledge of Google Ads environment. About 2,500 satisfied clients know something about our skills and the mastery of GA. So do their sales. Find out how the Verseo reports can work for your company!

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