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Google Ads Brand Campaign – why is it important?

A lot of advertisers ask this question. They are mistaken to believe that advertisements in the search engine are intended to attract new customers rather than the ones who know your brand well. However, it is wrong to think that people who know your brand do not need to generate additional costs since they can visit your website without it or click the link based on organic results. It is high time we invalidated this belief and presented conclusive evidence that brand campaigns do matter and are often indispensable! So – Google Ads brand campaign – what for?

Reason no. 1: Competition is not asleep

Many competitive companies in various lines of business compete for slogans related to their services or products. Year by year more and more companies decide on the Internet advert but the amount of advertising space in the search engine is limited. For this reason numerous enterprises play such tricks as displaying the ad for competitor’s brand and stealing customers. Brand campaigns let you defend in the aforesaid situations and be at the top of the search list, which in turn helps you retain your customers.

Reason no. 2: More visibility

Brand visibility both in paid search results and organic results fosters your credibility in the consumers’ eyes. By taking more space, you make sure Internet users can find your website no matter what they click. Truth is that it covers the whole screen in the mobile phone. What is more, thanks to the extension of Google AdWords ads, not only can you enlarge the size of the advertisement, but you can also lead the user to specific subpages and use the additional message. See the example below: 

Reason no. 3: Improvement of account quality

Brand campaigns are known to guarantee a very high click-through rate. It directly translates into the quality result of the entire account. As a consequence, higher account ranking has an impact on lower CPC rates in the entire account. Eventually, the cost of the entire campaign may return in the form of savings per click thanks to higher quality results.

Reason no. 4: Low costs, high profits

Clicks in brand campaigns are very cheap, a way more inexpensive than non-brand words. An average cost of conversion from brand campaigns is lower than the average price per click in other campaigns! Since clicks are so cheap, the general cost of such campaigns is low and accounts for just a few percent of the entire budget.

Verseo Ads Banner
Verseo Ads Banner

Reason no. 5: Supporting conversion in other campaigns

The way customers do the shopping is sometimes highly complicated. Before they do the conversion, they happen to enter the website a few times: e.g. through Facebook or organically. If you avoid such advertisement, it may not only affect other campaigns but also result in drop of revenues from other sources of traffic.

Reason no. 6: Freedom of advertising

There is no doubt that the paid search result has an advantage over the organic result and the difference is the considerable flexibility of the description. You can enrich it with company information, temporary discounts, adjust the advertising text to the season or show off with new achievements. As for advert, it will take a few minutes, while indexing a new description in natural results is surely much more time-consuming.

Reason no. 7: Various advertising text variants

You can never be sure if your description is suitable, but there is nothing better in understanding users’ intentions as experimenting. Using campaigns in Google Ads, you can easily add a few versions of adverts to see which variant proves to be most effective and improve it as long as you like.

Reason no. 8: Because it takes a while

New call-to-action
New call-to-action

It takes little time to create a brand campaign which includes several keywords and advertisements. Certainly, you must not be in a rush and neglect contents of your advert, but a dozen minutes should be enough. Verification of campaigns through Google will not take much time either.

Reason no. 9: When redundant, you can easily deactivate

If for some reasons the costs of such a campaign are disproportionate to profits or the volume of branded phrase searches is not high, such advert can be easily deactivated. It will not affect other campaigns.

Reason no. 10: Last, but not least; EFFECTIVENESS

We don’t have to explain this – considering all campaigns on your account, brand campaigns bring best results and highest conversion rate, and the results come early.

Is it always important to create it?

Speaking of fresh companies whose brand is still unknown, or small local companies with low budgets, they can resign from the campaign because the number of searches will not be substantial anyway. Yet you cannot say that such a campaign will bring negative results and the cash will be wasted.

If you find the above-stated 10 arguments convincing, just create such a campaign. If you still claim that it is pointless, just try and make sure you were right!

New call-to-action
New call-to-action
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