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Online Ad Campaign
Online Ad Campaigns
Magda Walczak

Even the best product or service won’t sell on a mass scale without at least a little marketing. In the […]

HTTP and HTTPS – What Is It?
Dominika Slomka

All web users have noticed how website addresses begin – with either http or https, though not everyone is concerned […]

What is a Keyphrase?
What Is a Keyphrase?
Magda Walczak

The keyphrase is one of the key concepts related to search engine positioning – the proper selection of phrases and […]

YouTube positioning
Positioning on YouTube
Magda Walczak

The internet is constantly changing. Platforms are born, grow in popularity, and die, replaced by more modern channels that are […]

Bounce Rate
Bounce Rate – What Is It?
Adam Kubaszewski

The bounce rate is one of the metrics that gives us an idea of how engaging a site’s content is, […]

Hosting - what is it
Hosting – What Is It?
Maciek Popiołek

Hosting is quite a mysterious term – people who are not in any way connected with IT or web hosting […]

How to Launch an Online Store
How to Launch an Online Store?
Maciek Popiołek

The popularity of online shopping is clearly on the rise, as more and more consumers are coming to appreciate its […]

Combining Advertising Channels
Case Study: The Benefits of Combining Advertising Channels
Maciek Popiołek

Today we’re looking at a store which outsourced its advertising to us since the day of its launch. It’s been […]

Sitemap – What Is It?
Barbara Oleszek

Good spatial orientation in the wild is not only a desirable attribute for travelers, but also computer programs of a […]

SEO glossary
SEO glossary – over 300 positioning-related terms
Dominika Slomka

SEO glossary – introduction Welcome to our glossary of over 300 terms on website optimization and positioning. It’s probably the […]