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Internet Marketing in Search Engines

Internet marketing in search engines (SEM) – what is it?

Marketing in online search engines, that is Search Engine Marketing (SEM), has recently been one of the most popular ways of promoting business. At present more and more companies go online. Brick-and-mortar stores often choose to sell on the Internet too. A vast majority of small and local service companies have their business websites. SEM is composed of website optimization in search engines (SEO) and paid campaigns (PPC), that is sponsored links which are paid for in the CPC model (pay per click). Why is search engine marketing so important to your business?

Presence in Google search engine – why is it important?

Mobile Internet is now used by about 3,5 billion users around the world. Whatever you do, the Internet accompanies you most of the time. At work, when traveling by tram, on holidays. You use your smartphone to deal with a rising number of issues. Starting from shopping (including basic food items), through booking museum or cinema tickets, to official matters. You spend a lot of time searching for various services via the search engine. Developing functions of its search engine, Google allows you to find diverse information in a comfortable way.

Search Engine Results Page (SERP) – when you enter a query into the Google search engine, you can see paid and organic results. Paid results are nothing but Google Ads sponsored links. What is Google Ads (previously AdWords)? – See the article! Sometimes when you look for products, you also encounter Google Shopping product advertisements, that is price comparison engines from which you are automatically redirected into the product site. Here you can learn what Google Shopping price comparison website is! Here are basic search engine results which you can find in Google:

1 – Google Ads adverts

2 – Organic results    

Verseo Ads Banner
Verseo Ads Banner

3 – Google Shopping

4 – Your company’s business card in Google search engine – Google Your Business

The advertisement in Google search engine lets you make use of various promotion channels. One of them is advertising in Google My Business. Google is still developing functions of business cards for companies. When you run a service company or restaurant, you should complete your business card properly. The customer, using the search engine, will find the quick access to your place, will be able to order a table, see working hours, or even find out when the peak time in your restaurant is. It is also essential that you take care of visual aspects – post as many photos of your interior as possible. Photographs must be of high quality. It is also important that you encourage your guests to prepare reviews on your business. The Google business cards being rich in content, reviews and opinions as well as answers to questions will encourage potential customers to have a close look at your offer and will be displayed higher among competitors in Google maps.

Website optimization – get higher in organic results thanks to on-site actions!

If you want to emerge in organic results of Google search engine, you have to optimize your website well and take care of unique and valuable content. Sign up for a SEO course to learn optimization details from our specialists! One of the most important Google ranking factors is loading speed on mobile devices. You can lose many potential customers, if your website is not responsive. Remember that a rising group of Internet users makes purchases directly via mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). Polish users still make payments on laptops or PCs but their purchase decisions occur earlier – on mobile phones, when going by tram or during a break at work. 

Advertising systems in other search engines – raise availability of your ads!

There is no doubt that Google is the most popular search engine in Europe. It is different in Japan, Russia and the USA, where competitors are fierce and active.

New call-to-action
New call-to-action

Yahoo! Japan – most often visited online platform in Japan, belongs to American Yahoo! Aside from classic search engines, it also provides mailbox, VOD and hosting. The services provided by Yahoo! Japan are very popular in Japan, thus their advertising system has a great potential. Advertisements reach 80% of Japanese users. Through Yahoo! Japan Promotional Ads you can launch text adverts similar to Google Ads in Search Network. At present they are in Yahoo! Japan search engine results. The payment is based on CPC model and they contain two headlines, link and description. Yahoo! Japan also has its own display network – Yahoo! Display Ad Network and price comparison engine.

Yandex – the eighth biggest search engine in the world, popular in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Undoubtedly, Yandex is powerful in terms of its range and lets you win customers from the east. Yandex.Direct allows creating text adverts which you can search through previously defined keywords. Advertisements allow various kinds of targeting: by age and devices. It is possible to settle accounts in CPC and CPM models. Adverts in Yandex Direct allow importing campaigns from other PPC advertising systems, e.g. Google Ads.

Bing – belongs to Microsoft and is one of three biggest search engines, standing next to Google and Yahoo! Due to the fact that it is a default search engine on Microsoft devices, e.g. smartphone, it has been a very important marketing channel recently. Bind Ads is similar to Google Ads in terms of its operation. Advertisements from Microsoft advertising system display both in Bing and Yahoo! Search engines.

Verseo is one of the agencies which hold Bing Ads Accredited Professional certificate.

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Search engine marketing allows you to reach potential customers when they initiate their purchasing process. Have advantage over your competitors and be present in this marketing channel. Contact us to arrange your own SEM strategy and initiate activities today!

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