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Promoting the Online Store – 3 examples

Promoting an Online Store – 3 Examples of Advertisements

Nowadays, when the Internet is a thriving and fast-developing medium, the selection of a suitable advert is not easy. Thanks to considerable possibilities of choosing a target group, the Internet lets you choose a suitable market segment you wish to focus on with your ad. If you manage to select the target group well and adjust an effective advertising form to it, success is guaranteed. Read below to find 3 examples of promoting the online store which perform well if you advertise your products. Thanks to them, promoting an online store will become highly pleasurable and effective!   

The search network in Google Ads campaign lets you display text advertisements for specific keywords in the campaign just below the Google search engine result. This channel allows you to reach the customer instantly because it responds to the user’s query directly and is one of the basic manifestations of promoting the online store.

The search network campaign gives you the opportunity not only to identify relevant keywords, but also to precisely determine your location. You can show your ads both in small towns generating a conversion, and nationwide.

In addition, you can decide for yourself what the advertising text is going to contain. You can choose a few advertisements and test them in the campaign. The same happens to keywords whose attractiveness and effectiveness is also tested.

You can also choose a suitable subpage for the advertisement. It allows you to reach a customer even more precisely. You are entitled to adjust budget, maximum amounts you wish to spend on click in keyword, as well as schedules related to displaying your adverts. It is important that you take care of advertising text because it may help you stand out in the group of competitors. Thanks to well-thought composition, promoting the e-store may be more effective!

Take advantage of all possible characters, encourage your recipient to act, show your strong points, e.g. free delivery, free consultancy, etc. It is also essential that you expand the advertisements provided by the campaign in the search network. Thanks to them, you can render your campaign more attractive and draw the attention of potential customers.

Read below to see example of campaign in the search network:

Google Advertising Network – Banner Advertising

Google advertising network includes over 2 million websites which reach over 90% of Internet users around the world. In campaigns in the advertising network you can specify targeting of your ads precisely, e.g. contexts (keywords), recipients with similar interests, subjects, target places, demography, geographic location, as well as define devices on which your advertisements are to be displayed. Campaigns in the advertising network are also associated with marketing, that is tracking advertising which, thanks to built-in lists in Google Ads, or Google Analytics, collect cookies from website visitors.

Thanks to this, you can return to people who have already visited your website and select them through various conditions, e.g. people who abandon carts, customers who have visited a specific tab or who have entered their email address to receive a newsletter.

The major advantage of Google advertising network is the possibility of expanding the scope of availability, raising brand awareness and reaching new customers. Promoting an online store?It is definitely worth rethinking banner campaigns in this topic!

Read below to see examples of campaigns in the advertising network:

Gmail Sponsored Promotion Campaign – Newsletter on Gmail

Google Ads campaign lets you reach all Gmail users. Bear in mind that about 56% of email users choose Google’s variant. This is why you should consider this channel if you promote your Internet shop!

Gmail Sponsored Promotion advertisements show up in the section “offers” on Gmail. GSP advert is more effective than standard mailing because you can target. Standard mailing makes use of contact bases only, whereas GSP campaigns can be targeted in a similar way to campaigns in the advertising network. Let’s recall – these are keywords, interests, subjects, geography, demography, devices, language, domains. In effect you can provide your offer to customers who you know are interested in a specific field, which translates into higher likelihood of conversion.

In our article we have presented just 3 tools used to promote the online store. You must remember that the Internet provides you with a vast array of advertising possibilities thanks to which you can find a target customer. If you wish to learn more about advertising on the Internet, be up-to-date with us. Read Verseo blog!

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