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Machine Learning

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a form of artificial intelligence that follows data provided from the web. This means machine learning systems […]

Maciek Popiołek
24 November 2021
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Google Shopping

What is Google CSS?

CSS stands for Comparison Shopping Services, which is simply a price comparison engine that is required for product campaigns. Its […]

Jakub Nowak
21 October 2021
Display Ads

Display Ads

The variety of advertising formats offered by Google Ads is impressive. Each one achieves slightly different objectives, therefore it’s their […]

Magda Walczak
14 October 2021
Online Ad Campaign

Online Ad Campaigns

Even the best product or service won’t sell on a mass scale without at least a little marketing. In the […]

Magda Walczak
08 October 2021
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