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Google Ads Sponsored Links – What is it?

It is worth looking for clients where there are many of them. If they visit the place to find things you happen to have for sale, it is a must-be place. Google search engine is the example of such a place. Google AdWords sponsored links help you combine your business with customers!

If you run a business, you cannot do without advertising. Also people who choose to earn in many ways on their websites are advertised. Search engine advertising is prioritized because it can generate high traffic. I. It’s also easy to make the influx of interested people valuable to your site. To promote, people usually choose Google search engine because there are no competitors on the Polish market. Whether the company is successful and whether the dream of earning via website comes true depends on the advert effectiveness. This is why you should learn what Google AdWords sponsored links are. They serve as a great advertising instrument both to existing and new companies. Benefits are so impressive that many people and companies start with this kind of advertising online.

After you have entered a keyword in the field, you can see a list of results. These are organic results and Google AdWords sponsored links (usually at the top of the page). These links are paid search engine results. Customer of Google pays to make sure his/her website is displayed when someone enters a specific keyword. To be more specific, he or she pays only when someone clicks on this link or displays the ad (you can adjust the settlement at your convenience). It is the most popular form of advertising in Google search engine.

Verseo Ads Banner
Verseo Ads Banner

Paid results are similar to organic results. What makes them different is location and mark with the word “advertisement”. This is how Google distinguishes its advertisement from other results. Describing the results in such a way is necessary for the person using the search engine to be aware of what is what. Importantly, there is no negative influence because it is a non-aggressive form of advertising. Plus it applies to things someone is looking for. Interestingly, most users cannot see the difference between organic and sponsored results. 

Where to find paid results?

Advertisements on Google are located in various places. AdWords Google sponsored links can be found above organic results, below them and on the right side of the page. These places are favorable because you naturally pay more attention to them. You need to know not only what Google AdWords sponsored links are but also how you can benefit from them. Thanks to them, a new website may soon be displayed at the top of the search engine results. It will take a lot of time before it reaches the top naturally or via SEO because it may simply be impossible due to strong competition.

Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by purchasing sponsored links on Google is relatively easy. The simplicity is just one advantage of this advertising method with respect to small budgets. You do not need to pay for creating the account. Costs arise when you wish to start an AdWords campaign. The most frequent form of payment in the case of sponsored links is payment per click in the link displayed. By logging into your account, you can make modifications in your campaign. Google AdWords and Google Analytics provide outstanding analytical tools which you can use to optimize your campaign and boost its effectiveness.

New call-to-action
New call-to-action

Selection of phrases in Google Ads campaigns

The website will be displayed to users, if specific phrases are entered. They are chosen by a person who wants to maximize benefits. They must be adapted to your offer so that a potential customer comes across products and services he/she actually needs. Sometimes additional phrases are added. A phrase may be such words as: cheap laptops, laptops for max. 1500, cheap laptops Warsaw. These words must be the words entered by potential customers in the search engine.

Benefits of choosing this form of advertising

Here are the main benefits of choosing this form of advertising:

  • quick placement of the page in specific search results,
  • good visibility,
  • ability to make changes,
  • reaching potential customers,
  • valuable traffic on the website,
  • favorable ratio between expenses and revenues

Making modifications is not only intended to increase profitability of using this advertising. Thanks to this, you can react to variable situations. The company’s offer may expand so you have to add some keywords. Modifications may arise from some event or holiday. Another advantage is related to the fact that both small and large companies can use AdWords links. AdWords campaign can be conducted irrespective of your budget. You can spend hundreds or hundreds of thousand zlotys. If the campaign architecture is suitable, it will be a very profitable form of promotion and one of the business scaling tools.

New call-to-action
New call-to-action
Reduce your advertising costs by  20%!

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