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Youtube – is it useful for business?

Youtube – effective in the context of selling products and services?

In the world filled with products and services you have to make sure customers find your offer.

The message must be simple and answer all questions customers may ask when considering and making purchases. This is why more and more people use Youtube to find answers to their questions. Is Youtube effective in the process of promoting your offer? There is a good chance that it is because…

First of all – social evidence

Many views of a specific video? Comments confirming theses? Large number of subscribers? All these factors make videos influence the perception of a standard user. This leads to the conclusion that it is worth cooperating with people active on Youtube. Similar to blogs, vlogs have a regular group of followers whom you can attract to your content. Youtube actor, using its authority and getting its viewers accustomed to some style, is a relatively credible source of information on products and services.

Verseo Ads Banner
Verseo Ads Banner

It is commonly believed that you should cooperate with many micro-influencers rather than one or two powerful channels. Social commitment around micro-influencers is stronger when compared to big players who get paid at a certain moment and tend to lose credibility.

Secondly – simple form

People believe in written content but read less and less at the same time. They see more and more information in condensed and more attractive/dynamic forms. Image and sound have a double impact on us. It is also important that we note that Youtube is the second most popular search engine in Poland – preceded by classic Google. We therefore look for answers not only in links but also in videos.

Third – many possibilities

Apart from the aforesaid method of showing your products and services in videos made by Youtubers, you can also display your own videos. Organically – early in the process – such videos may not reach many viewers (unless you are very creative) but you can also display them as advertisements before other videos. Such advertisement can be adjusted so that it reaches the group of people who share your interest or territory. On Youtube you can also display graphic adverts – just like on any other partner website.

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New call-to-action

Fourth – proofs

According to Google studies, 80% of online buyers – who watched Youtube videos related to their order – said that a video on YT had been the first place they found a given product or service!


Advertisers used to treat Youtube as a place for image campaigns. Now, thanks to implementation of new functions and modes of advertising, it turns out that Youtube not only sells but also generates sales needs! More and more often medium-sized companies cease to invest in TV commercials and turn into Youtube. This channel is earning its recognizability and is less expensive than TV but provides great analytics which TV cannot. It is worth focusing on Youtube, then. If you want to know how it can support your sales, contact us. We will evaluate actions for your business for free!

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New call-to-action
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