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How much does it cost to advertise in Google?

Find Out How Much Advertising on Google Costs!

The Google AdWords campaign is a tool thanks to which reaching a potential customer is immediate. How much is advertising on Google? You are free to choose the amount of cash you wish to dedicate to advertising on Google search engine. There are no rules or limits and the budget depends on many factors.

Google Ads campaign can be divided into several channels through which you can reach your target customer.

  • Google Ads campaign in the Search Network – it is all about text adverts displayed to customers who enter keywords which you can include in your campaign. The advertisements can be displayed above or below the search engine results. It is worth mentioning that the search network can display ads on Google’s partner websites, for example Onet, Interia, etc.
  • Google Ads campaign in the Advertising Network – it is a collection of over 2 million websites which reach over 90% of Internet users in the world. In this network there are a few targeting options:
    • contextual targeting – Google selects users who are to see your advertisements on the basis of keywords added to the campaign. If you advertise sports equipment, , Google will match appropriate forums and pages to display your ads.
    • recipient targeting – you can take advantage of defined interests from lists prepared in Google AdWords panel.
    • topics targeting – similar to interests, here you can also choose topics. There is a wide range of topics, so you can easily choose a suitable area of advertising.
    • destination targeting – Google lets you choose specific websites where the ads will be displayed.
    • demographic and geographic targeting – the advertising network allows you to specify the target which your advert is supposed to reach even more precisely. You can define age, sex and location.
    • device targeting – PCs, mobile phones, tablets, IOs systems, Android.

It’s worth mentioning that in the advertising network you can combine all aforementioned types of ad targeting. This strategy sometimes helps you specify the target group even more effectively.

  • Remarketing – tracking advertisements – Remarketing is part of the Google advertising network. Remarketing reaches users who have visited your website and left their cookies. Thanks to this, you can return to customers and there are many possibilities, e.g. new users visiting the site, returning users, those who abandon the cart, others who do the shopping regularly, etc.
  • Google Merchant Center product campaign – it is a product comparison engine placed on the first page of Google search engine, just below the search result, above organic results. Keywords which trigger display of adverts are taken directly from the product feed generated by Google Shopping module and product subpage in the store.
  • Another way of reaching potential customers is Gmail Sponsored Promotion, that is advertisement intended for users who have a Gmail account. Adverts on Gmail are displayed in the tab “offers” and take the form of a newsletter. When you click the message, you can see the full offer. Displaying advertisements is dependent upon targeting, similar to a Display Network campaign.
  • YouTube campaign – YouTube channel is viewed by billions of users. This is how you can reach a vast range of customers. The examples of campaigns on YouTube:
    • Discovery ads – this kind of video ads are displayed in the search engine results and video sections on Youtube (bar on the right).
    • In-stream ads – advertisements of this sort show up at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the video  being played. You can skip the ad after 5 seconds.
    • Bumper Ads – the latest form of YouTube ad which cannot be skipped because lasts 6 seconds only. Similar to In-Stream, adverts show up at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the video.
  • In the YouTube campaign you can also book advertising space on the YouTube homepage. The cost of such a reservation is tens of thousand zlotys, and the booking itself is made by the Google technical team. YouTube targeting is as follows: keywords, topics, YT matches, affinity audiences, location, demographics, and remarketing.

How Much Does Advertising on Google Cost – Payment Models

Google Ads campaign provides several payment models. It is advisable to get familiar with them all as it will surely help you achieve your goal. There is no one good answer to the question of how much advertising on Google costs.

The most popular is CPC (cost per click) – you pay when the user clicks the advertisement. . Thus, displaying the transfer does not incur any additional costs.  It is worth mentioning that advertisers who use the CPC model also specify the maximum value they can pay per click, it is the so-called Max CPC. Frequently, the price per click is much lower than the suggested maximum you can pay. The final price you pay per click is the actual  CPC.

Actual CPC – it is a minimum amount you have to pay in the auction to maintain your position.

In the CPC model you can specify rates per click on your own or use the automatic rate specification feature.

  • vCPM – (cost per mille) – means payment for 1000 visible displays of your ad. This model performs well for customers who want to build brand awareness. CPM is used in campaigns in the advertising network.
  • CPV – (cost per view) – this model applies to Youtube campaigns and is related to cost for watching videos.
  • CPA – (cost per action) – The fee is charged when the user gets familiar with the advert, clicks it and takes some action.

When planning the Google Ads campaign budget in the CPC model, it is essential that you plan your budget and specify bids.

How Much Does It Cost to Click on the Keyword We Choose?

Google provides its users with a free tool serving to plan campaigns – Keywords Planner. The tool helps you not only specify Max CPC but also search for specific phrases you could use in the campaign.

See below to find examples of keywords from the tool, and below the link – article on this subject.

Principles of Spending Budgets on Google Ads Campaigns

In AdWords Google campaign you have to set the monthly budget. You can determine your daily budget so that the AdWords system can display adverts until your cash is used up. Once a daily budget is used up, advertising is suspended until the next day. The daily budget is treated as an average, so it may happen to be used twice when AdWords system notices top traffic. You don’t have to worry that it will double your monthly expenses. When the system decides to spend more, it will save on other days with low traffic.

As I have already mentioned before, AdWords budget can be unlimited and dependent on the goal you want to achieve as an advertiser. Thanks to multiple channels, Google AdWords campaign can reach a wide range of recipients, and therefore encourage potential customers to do conversion – the purpose of your actions on the Internet.

We identify various kinds of conversions, such as purchasing, sending a form, entering a tab, subscribing to the newsletter, making a phone call, etc. The campaign can concentrate on conversions, but also brand, that is raising brand awareness.

Read below to see the example of a local campaign in which the monthly budget does not exceed USD 1000 a month, and the results lead to growth of queries on the website, and noticeable increase in the number of phone calls.

Industry: services/training

Main channel: Campaign in search network

Payment model: CPC

Conversion: Sending a form    

As you can see above, the campaign spends about USD 700 a month, and expected results are satisfying and recorded 17 conversions on the website.

Now you know how to plan actions and how much advertising on Google costs. Don’t wait and start advertising with Ads today!

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