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How to run a company fanpage on Facebook?

how to run company fanpage on facebook?

It is a privilege of the great to have a multitude of adversaries. This was no different in the case of Facebook, over which dark clouds had gathered many times. However, after the storm, the sun always came out. Mark Zuckerberg’s “child” bravely defends itself against attacks, remains the industry leader, and still maintains a significant advantage over the pack. Its greatest advantage is primarily its immense scale. There are 2.5 billion users worldwide. In Poland, 20 million users regularly check in on “Facebook.” Each of these individuals is your potential customer. Under such circumstances, having a company profile should be a modern entrepreneur’s obligation. Before embarking on building your brand, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the key features and functions of this medium.

The statistics speak for themselves:

  • 39% of users follow a fan page to receive special offers.
  • 57% of consumers declare that social media influences their purchasing process. 44% of these respondents labeled Facebook as the most influential platform.
  • 26% of people who reacted to an advertising message made a purchase.

The possibilities are within reach. There’s nothing left but to try your hand. How can you conduct business activities on Facebook? Below you will find the most essential information and practical tips.

There are two types of collective profiles on Facebook:

  • A discussion group is based on communication between people who have something in common. People can be connected by passion, place of residence, or profession. In other words, groups can be created by, for example, Opel car owners, residents of the same neighborhood, or individuals working in the position of a computer graphics designer. A common denominator allows for maintaining coherence among all members. In such a place, you can share information, photos, videos, or files.
  • A Page (otherwise known as a fanpage) is a key tool for promoting a company, brand, person, or initiative. The measure of success is achieving a broad base of engaged fans. To do this, the administrator should focus on regularly creating intriguing and valuable content. Additionally, the growth of the page can be fueled by running advertisements through Facebook Ads.

Company on Facebook – How to Create an Account?

Are you wondering how to create a page on Facebook for your company? Every user can create a fanpage on Facebook. The whole process consists of just a few steps. Just follow these guidelines:

  1. Choose the “Create” option located at the top of the website on the right side.
  2. Determine the nature of your activity.
  3. Enter the name that your Facebook page will adopt. At this stage, you can still choose a working variant. You can make changes at any time.
  4. Select categories that precisely define what you do. This way, you can increase the visibility of your page for users.
  5. You can add photos or temporarily postpone the decision. The choice is yours.

How to Configure a Facebook Fan Page?

A newly created page might appear unprofessional and lack trustworthiness to the audience. Therefore, you need to input a series of information to enhance your credibility. Start with the following elements:

  1. Graphics form the foundation of visual identity. Therefore, make sure to upload a profile picture and a cover photo. What criteria must you meet?
  2. The form of the profile picture depends on the nature of your business.
    • For a company, brand, or initiative, it’s worth designing a simple and clear logo. Focus on symbolism and create an image that easily sticks in memory and is directly associated with your business.
    • If you’re building a personal brand, you can promote yourself with your face. The photograph should be professional, yet it’s valuable if it incorporates attributes you use in your work. For instance, if you’re a professional dancer, capture your image during dance moves.
  3. The cover photo can take the form of graphics, animation, or a video. Utilize this space to precisely define what you do. Remember that the cover photo shouldn’t remain fixed forever. We recommend a seasonal approach and changing the design at least once a quarter. What to include in the cover photo?
    • Introduce yourself. Craft a sentence or three concise phrases that include the following information: who you are, what you do, and what value you provide to customers and followers.
    • Present your latest achievement or the most crucial point of your offering. We’ve highlighted our latest guides or the next service in our portfolio this way.
    • Tease what you have in the works. It could be a sneak peek of a new clothing collection or the announcement of events your brand will participate in.
    • Create an aesthetic “wow” effect. Animation can be valuable with this concept.
    • Consider placing a call-to-action (CTA) here. This way, users will understand your expectations.
  4. You can set a dedicated URL by selecting the “Create Username” option located below the profile picture. In the designated field, enter a simple and easily searchable phrase. After completing this operation, simply type “” in your browser to directly access your fanpage.
  5. Go to the “About” section and write brief notes in the “Information” and “Description” fields. Share what you do, highlight your key products or services, and mention achievements and values. Formulate concise and informative sentences.
  6. It’s also valuable to share your brand’s story in the “Our Story” section. Opt for a more relaxed tone here. Don’t overwhelm readers with a mass of dates and names they won’t remember. Instead, try to evoke emotions and interest. Use anecdotes and personal reflections for this purpose. This should be a text with soul, conveying emotions and authenticity. After placing the final period, try to put yourself in the reader’s shoes and honestly assess whether you would continue reading beyond the first two sentences.
  7. Providing your contact information to your audience is crucial. Start with a phone number, email address, and website. Adding your company’s address is also worthwhile. The more information you provide, the more credible you’ll appear in the eyes of users. This should not be underestimated. If you expect users to entrust you with their money, you must earn their trust.
  8. Facebook allows you to link to accounts on other social media platforms. If you’re already active on Instagram, Twitter, or another medium, you can mention it on your profile. As a result, you might gain new followers.
  9. Choose 3 categories that precisely define your product or service. This way, your page will be more visible to your audience.
  10. Right below the cover photo, it’s worthwhile to embed a contrasting Call-to-Action (CTA) button to encourage users to interact with your page. This way, you can encourage them to book an appointment, make contact, get information about your page, make purchases, or download an app. Such direct communication can work wonders, contrary to appearances.
  11. The above elements constitute the essential minimum that needs to be considered for your page to function smoothly and not discourage users. However, it’s worth filling in all available fields. The more information you provide, the better results you can expect.

Content on Facebook – Types and Formats of Posts

Facebook allows the creation of posts with diverse structures. The foundation of each publication is a description, which usually consists of text and emojis. Additionally, you can add multimedia in the form of images or videos. Several types of posts are distinguished:

  • Status Updates: These are text-only posts without multimedia. Text-heavy content without graphics might discourage users from interacting, and these types of posts typically generate the least interest by default.
  • Links: These posts redirect users to an external website (displayed as a thumbnail with a link). They can be accompanied by a description and emojis. An interesting variation is the carousel, which consists of multiple “tiles.” Each element has a different image, and all lead to the same destination.
  • Photo Posts: Enriched with a textual description and emojis, these posts can also include a link redirecting to a website. Consider this format as an alternative to default link posts. You aren’t limited to just one image; you can create an album composed of several visuals.
  • Videos: Published from a computer or mobile device, videos are a highly effective format on Facebook. Users tend to prefer watching over reading, making video content the most impactful format.
  • Live Streams: Live broadcasts are considered the most engaging method due to their spontaneous nature. Users gathered in the live chat can interact with the creator in real time.
  • Stories: These are temporary posts that disappear after 24 hours. They can take the form of images, videos, or regular posts. After the content expires, you can view your stories in the archived section.

Within posts, you can also:

  • Tag a geolocation
  • Specify your mood
  • Tag a product
  • Redirect to a store
  • Encourage participation in a charitable action
  • Invite to view a profile

Here are examples of the most common publication formats (both organic and paid) that your company can utilize.

facebook graphic sizes

If you’re interested in the required image dimensions on Facebook and other social media platforms, take a look here – Image sizes – Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and more!

How to effectively manage a Facebook fan page?

Every brand can start operating on social media. In fact, it should. Due to the low entry barrier, many daring individuals try their luck. Creating an extraordinary fanpage, however, is just the first step. The biggest challenge lies in handling Facebook and building a conscious and engaged community. We present a handful of tips that will help you rise above mediocrity:

  • Inject soul into your posts

Most fan pages on social media are managed without a clear direction. They mirror the content found on the company’s website.

Let’s use an example. An administrator goes to the “About Us” section on their company’s website. They then copy an out-of-context sentence stating that 15 years ago, the owners relocated the headquarters from Mszana Dolna to Mszana Górna. Finally, they place this information on the fan page and check off another scheduled post on their agenda.

We’re sorry, but it doesn’t work that way. Managing a Facebook profile requires more creativity. Such information holds absolutely no value until you build an interesting narrative around it. In this case, it’s worth expanding the message. Describing a story from the brand’s life would work much better.

  • Speak the language of benefits and emotions

Let’s say you run a lighting store and want to showcase a desk lamp. You mention its economic advantages. Stating that the lamp is energy-efficient is just a feature; you need to derive a benefit from it. Add the information that the customer can save 20 Polish złoty per month. That’s a tangible benefit that could persuade the audience to make a purchase.

Our agency regularly faces similar challenges. For example, we developed the Verseo Campaign Manager system, which aids in effective advertising budget management (a feature). This information has minimal value for our audience. That’s why we mention that the described platform can increase profits by up to 32% and reduce costs by an average of 15% annually (practical benefit). Then, a potential client can calculate how much money they could have in their wallet. It’s also worth mentioning that such a solution guarantees stability and reduces uncertainty (emotional benefit).

  • Think abstractly

At the start, you must introduce your product so the recipients know what’s in your offering. However, don’t limit yourself to presenting visible features. Everyone sees that white is white and black is black. Instead, play with associations. Write that your volleyball could turn out to be the best friend on a desert island (By the way, where’s the Oscar for Wilson’s role in “Cast Away”?). Let yourself be known as a flesh-and-blood human. Show that you’re not just a calculating salesperson, but that you have a sense of distance and humor. Wink at your audience and bring a smile to their faces. One of the most effective ways to manage a Facebook profile is to evoke sympathy and build a connection with users.

  • Every Fan Page is Different

In the marketing industry, many myths have emerged regarding the universal timing and frequency of posts that yield the best results. Of course, no one will stop you from familiarizing yourself with these conclusions, but take them with a grain of salt. The most crucial thing is to speak only when you have something interesting to convey. Don’t create shallow posts just because a blogger claimed that 30 posts a month is the most advantageous practice. On the other hand, don’t delay implementing innovative concepts out of fear of reduced reach caused by breaking the time window between posts.

Verseo Ads Banner
Verseo Ads Banner

Quality always prevails. If your post is interesting enough to immediately generate above-average engagement, any rigid rules become insignificant.

Apart from a creative approach to managing your Facebook profile, we recommend experimenting. Publish various types of content on different days of the week and at different times. After a few weeks, check whether you notice any patterns in the results that are worth following.

  • Refer to Current Events

Referencing holidays and other prominent events is a great way to embed your products in a specific context. Coca-Cola, for example, has done this by associating itself with Christmas over the years. As a result, the popular beverage consistently finds its place on Polish Christmas tables next to traditional dishes.

Similarly, you can create a need and immediately offer a solution. Holidays are a season filled with various festivals. During concerts, you take photos, record videos, and your energy inevitably drains from your battery. In such conditions, finding an outlet to plug in your charger is quite challenging. Therefore, a high-capacity power bank should be an essential part of your equipment.

  • Avoid Generalities

The average consumer thinks that marketing is just one big scam. It’s hard to blame them when they are bombarded with messages of questionable value. Imagine someone offering you a pencil tailored to your individual needs. It’s suitable for various uses, characterized by durability, and touted as a unique product. What does that result in? Absolutely nothing. Now, take that same pencil, but this time it’s designed for sketching technical projects. It can withstand three months of daily work and has an unbreakable tip. Now we know something. Spouting empty words might have worked in school or college, but in marketing, you can’t afford to throw around hollow claims.

  • Ask Fans for Their Opinion

Many creators adopt an attitude that could be described as the curse of professionalism. They believe that all their actions must be polished to perfection and that their audience should unquestioningly applaud. We suggest a different approach that will make managing your Facebook easier and create more engaging content for your audience.

Are you preparing to change your company’s logo and still hesitating between two designs? Ask your fans for their opinion. They will surely help you make the right choice. This way, they will feel that their opinions matter, and at the same time, you’ll generate engagement that can lead to increased reach.

  • Invite Discussion

An active community is the greatest asset for a fan page. You can’t expect users to speak up if you don’t ask for their opinions. Communication needs to be a two-way street. Therefore, make it clear that you value their responses.

You can share a meme with empty speech bubbles and ask fans to suggest lines for the characters. You can encourage them to tag friends or propose an exchange of anecdotes from school days. There are countless ways to do this.

  • Take, but don’t forget to give as well

Many companies are building a very selfish narrative, always using “I” and “we.” In such communication, promotional posts dominate, directly pushing for sales. Managing a Facebook profile this way doesn’t yield the expected results. It’s worth finding a compromise and also contributing something of yourself. It doesn’t have to be contests or other forms of giveaways. In marketing, as in life, people often expect just a bit of attention and interest. Share how your brand improves the quality of consumers’ lives. Show behind-the-scenes details and invite discussion.

  • Organize a Brain Workout

Mental exercises and a bit of healthy competition are great ways to engage the community. You can ask for puzzle solutions, mathematical tasks, word games, and more. It’s valuable to structure the tasks in a way that ties the elements and solutions somehow to your brand. For instance, let a puzzle lead to the phrase “Free delivery,” which hypothetically is a standard in your company.

  • Embrace the Power of Videos

As mentioned earlier, video content is easy to consume and generates higher engagement, so you should focus on this format. Many individuals shy away from creating original videos due to the misconception that such efforts require professional expertise. That’s far from true. Managing a Facebook presence doesn’t demand Oscar-worthy video-making skills, and overly polished and directed scenes are reminiscent of traditional television, which is gradually becoming obsolete. Online, authenticity matters more. Videos created in a casual setting are often perceived as more genuine. All you need is a smartphone with Full HD resolution to get started.

Furthermore, you should start thinking about video content in a broader context. You don’t need to create a completely new video from scratch every time. You can equally well compile a few images and present them as a slideshow. Such content can be easily and effectively absorbed during people’s daily routines.

  • Play with the Format

Users prefer interactive content presented in an accessible way. As a result, you must meet their expectations. How can you do that? Let’s use a few examples.

Suppose you’ve organized a company event and have dozens of photos you’d like to share with your fans. Don’t expect anyone to sift through all the pictures if you post them one by one. Creating albums makes sense only if you’re consistently adding one creation to it, such as every week. A much better choice would be to create a collage. Design a single graphic that you’ll divide into several segments. Then, you can upload multiple photos at once, and all of them will be noticed.

An alternative approach is to create a carousel, which is a creation composed of several photos placed side by side. Users can browse through all available photos by clicking on the arrows on the sides.

  • Build Authority

The content you post on your fan page must bring benefits to your audience. These benefits don’t necessarily have to be material in nature. Value can also come from eliciting a smile or making a challenging task easier. Let’s focus on the latter aspect.

As an entrepreneur with a wealth of experience, you must be an expert in your field. Sharing knowledge is one of the best ways to solidify your position. Let’s say you’re a personal trainer. In this scenario, you can publish tips on how to perform complex exercises. It’s worthwhile to turn this into a regular series on your fan page. This way, you’ll train your audience to expect a handful of practical tips from you every week.

New call-to-action
New call-to-action
  • Be a Source of Inspiration

Utility comes in many forms. Managing a Facebook profile can also serve to inspire your fans. This encompasses all the pointers that potentially enhance the quality of your fans’ lives. You can share motivating quotes about maintaining physical fitness or provide an image of an arrangement that can be used during renovations. Inspiration is a clever way to give while also subtly aiming for benefits. Present a ready idea for styling, and its key element can conveniently come from your store.

  • Show a Human Face

A company that underestimates the importance of a positive image might be perceived as a group of calculating careerists solely interested in money. Show that you value different virtues. Maybe your employees regularly play football together after work on Mondays? Perhaps it’s a tradition to bring dogs to the office on Fridays? Flaunt these aspects on your fan page!

  • Follow Trends and React to Them

The lifespan of Facebook posts is exceptionally short. Important events have their 15 minutes of fame, and then their popularity gradually diminishes. In this situation, you need to act spontaneously. If certain information starts to spread virally across the web, try to link it to your products or services. There’s a significant chance that your creation will enter the mainstream and be noticed by many recipients.

  • Embrace Numbers

Contrary to appearances, statistics don’t have to be dull and off-putting for your audience. It all depends on the approach you take. It’s worth associating numbers with objects that are easy to imagine.

Don’t expect engagement if you boast that your employees produced 14 thousand kilometers of cables in the last quarter. The number looks abstract, so users might not know how to evaluate that result. A much better approach would be to state that the length would be sufficient for the cables to reach from Poland to Australia in a straight line. This way, one can quickly grasp the scale of this endeavor. Always present complex concepts accompanied by circumstances that are commonly understood.

However, if you want to share raw data, you should prepare an infographic. Information presented in a visual form is processed by the brain up to 90% faster than plain text. As a result, users can comprehend the message more efficiently, and the information will stay in their memory longer.

  • Tell a Story

Why do docudrama series on television enjoy such popularity? After all, the actors are mediocre, the script naive, and the production not very impressive. The answer is simple. Storytelling is inherently more engaging than many other ways of narrative communication. The audience can feel like they are part of the illustrated events. Engagement is already half the success. From this position, it’s much easier to transition to building brand awareness.

  • Create Thematic Cycles

Social media is full of extremes. Finding a balance between diverse concepts is the key to success when managing a Facebook presence. On one hand, users like to be surprised, so you should constantly push the envelope by creating the most unconventional solutions. On the other hand, the audience warmly welcomes repetitive actions. Therefore, it’s valuable to conduct thematic cycles on your fan page, which should consistently appear at the same time or at least on the same day. You also need to establish a coherent visual identity and find a complex subject that won’t be exhausted after a few episodes. In such a context, you can include culinary recipes, practical advice on strength training, and more. A consistent thematic cycle gives fans a reason to regularly visit your page.

  • Showcase Achievements and Important Events

As children, we learned that bragging is impolite and we shouldn’t behave that way. Then social media came along, and all that learning seemed to go out the window. However, you can still showcase yourself in good taste, without coming across as vain. The idea is to present the journey to your goals and the fruits of your hard work. Leave images of piles of cash, luxury cars, and gold-dripped interiors to music video creators. Instead, focus on presenting favorable financial results, a new office, or an employee who successfully navigated the recruitment process. Transparent entrepreneurs will always enjoy greater trust.

  • Build Suspense

Are you preparing something special for your fans? If you only reveal all the details on the day of the launch, you might waste a significant portion of the potential hidden in your planned campaign. Effective management of a Facebook profile requires the skill of building suspense. Publish posts in which you gradually unveil different aspects. Many users will be on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the resolution of the mystery. This approach will yield much better results.

  • Appreciate Your Audience

As mentioned earlier, an engaged community is the most valuable asset for your fan page. You should express gratitude to your fans for their various forms of interest. If they share their thoughts or photos, indicate that their opinions are valuable to you. Above all, remember this when users show significant activity around a particular initiative or when you cross another threshold of page likes. Create a dedicated piece of content to express your gratitude in such situations.

How to Find the Best Audience and Customers on Facebook?

  • Learn about Your Target Audience

To begin, you need to understand who your audience is. Generic messages can be completely off the mark. Therefore, personalization of your message is valuable. You can obtain data from Google Analytics connected to your website or check the statistics of your Facebook fan page. Consider factors such as age, gender, education, and interests of your fans. This will allow you to precisely cater to their needs.

  • Engage with Your Fans

Creating so-called buyer personas might be underestimated by marketers. However, this method enables precise language adaptation to your audience’s characteristics, ultimately enhancing the impact of your communication. The idea is to segment your target audience into several key segments and note their most representative traits. Use the insights you gained in the previous step through analytical tools.

  • Adjust Your Style to Expectations

Not every publication needs to meet the expectations of the entire community. When planning your monthly schedule, create a few universal posts that can reach everyone. Beyond those, engage in a personalized narrative. This way, you can build a closer connection with the representatives of different groups.

Based on past experiences, adapt your communication style to what will be comfortable for both parties. Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Casual or formal?
  • Enthusiastic or reserved?
  • Lighthearted or serious?
  • Youthful or mature?

After resolving these uncertainties, you’ll know to what extent you can engage in discussions with various audience segments. Keep in mind that online etiquette is more flexible. Most people address each other casually. Even if you’re addressing mature recipients, you don’t necessarily need to take a conservative stance and stick rigidly to conventions. More importantly, focus on professionalism and creating factual publications based on credible sources. No one will be upset if you address them by their first name, while also shedding light on an important issue or presenting a viewpoint from a different perspective. It’s all about sensitivity.

In the case of lighter topics, the situation is much simpler. Then, you can be more relaxed, treat fans like friends, share memes, and even use slang.

What benefits does Facebook bring to your company?

By managing a Facebook profile (both through organic and paid efforts):

New call-to-action
New call-to-action
  • You will increase brand awareness among a mass audience.
  • You will lead to sales growth.
  • You will attract traffic to your website.
  • You will enhance your brand’s image.
  • You will maintain consistent contact with your audience.
  • You will build an engaged community.
  • You will strengthen customer relationships.

If you manage a corporate Facebook page and are interested in sales solutions whose effects you will see in the first few days? Nothing simpler! Check out our Facebook Ads offer – advertising campaigns within the Facebook environment and find out what your company will gain!

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