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Internet marketing specialist – earnings under the microscope

"Specialist in internet marketing - earnings under the microscope

“What are the earnings like in positions related to internet marketing, and what do they depend on? How much can you earn as an internet marketing specialist, SEO marketing manager, social media ninja, PR & content marketing manager, or junior digital ads specialist? In this post, we will look closer at the requirements that marketing experts must meet and examine how their compensation systems work!

According to statistical data, the market rate for an internet marketing specialist position according to statistical data ranges from PLN 4,000 to PLN 6,000 net.

Earnings vary depending on the location of the company’s headquarters, the company’s size, the type of contract, the length of service, and the commission system.

Services for business, IT, media, advertising, light industry, and trade are industries where internet marketing specialists earn the most.

Companies based in provinces such as Mazovia, Pomerania, Lower Silesia, and Greater Poland offer the highest salaries in internet marketing.

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Statistics on earnings in internet marketing

Year after year, earnings in internet marketing are on the rise. It no longer surprises anyone that in 2022, some companies will offer digital marketing specialists salaries comparable to the most sought-after employees in the IT industry.

Supply and demand in the job market

According to the Barometer of Professions in Poland forecast, there will be a balance between supply and demand for specialists in PR, advertising, marketing, and sales. Moreover, in some districts, we may encounter a shortage of people looking for work in marketing-related positions. It will mainly affect more specialized roles and experts with several years of experience.

The sustained demand for marketers will clearly impact their salaries. Additional benefits, modern equipment, flexible working hours, and five-digit wages will slowly cease to surprise us. And experts in paid advertising, web analytics, or e-commerce will treat these distinguishing features as commonplace – something they are entitled to and without which they won’t even pay attention to a given offer.

Internet marketing specialist – salaries. What do they depend on?

Internet marketing is such a broad field that comparing certain positions is almost impossible. Therefore, the data below only shows a general distribution of salaries based on factors such as education, work experience, company size, or company location (province). These are the primary criteria by which you can differentiate, for example, the salary level of a social media specialist position in Poznań, Radom, Olsztyn, or Warsaw. As you can probably guess, the location where we provide our services will affect the amount of our monthly salary. The highest wages in internet marketing are offered by companies based in provinces such as Mazovia, Pomerania, Lower Silesia, and Greater Poland.

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Internet marketing specialist - salaries. What do they depend on?

Additionally, the industry in which we work as a specialist in internet marketing also matters. The highest earnings can be achieved in business services, IT, media and advertising, light industry, and trade.

What can cause differences in earnings?

The answer is simple: work experience and level of expertise in a specific field or familiarity with a particular topic, such as:

  • creating and optimizing paid ads in Google Ads,
  • recognizing opportunities in organic and paid activities on social media,
  • managing scripts in Google Tag Manager,
  • optimizing content according to SEO guidelines,
  • building communities and engaging audiences across different communication channels of the company.
  • In some positions, specialization, and knowledge of a narrow but advanced area of marketing activities will count. In other cases, a holistic understanding of marketing operations and experience in managing a team of specialists will be necessary.

At Verseo, differences in earnings often result from both work experience and the number of additional projects undertaken or the size of the extra monthly bonus associated with acquiring and serving existing clients. In many positions, the specialist chooses the direction of their development and whether they have the time, energy, and opportunity to take on additional work in a given month, thereby earning beyond the salary range specified in the offer. (Yes! Our offers always include indicative salary ranges. Want to verify? Check out our job listings!)

Increasing salaries in Internet marketing

How much does an internet marketing specialist earn? Salaries for positions related to this industry are increasing by about 1,000 to 3,000 PLN as experience grows and more complex and demanding responsibilities are taken on. According to reports, a younger specialist or junior can expect to earn an average of around 4,000 PLN net. At Verseo, those beginning their careers can expect their first payments to be 4,000 to 6,000 PLN net. Development of both skills and earnings is ingrained in our DNA, so after just one year, salaries increase on average by 2,000 PLN. Furthermore, Verseo specialists who deal with client contact daily are compensated based on their experience and increasing sales skills, and their bonuses increase as their clients’ marketing budgets grow.

Increasing salaries in Internet marketing

Working with advanced tools, a creative approach to project implementation, ease of handling technology, and holistic knowledge about the functioning of marketing channels and their practical use – these are the skills of marketing experts whose years of work and learning result in even higher salaries. These experts have several years of experience and constantly develop in a specific direction. They focus on specific areas and thus become so-called “experts” in the marketing industry. Such specialists, not without reason, can count on at least a five-digit salary. 😉

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What does it look like at Verseo?

What does it look like at Verseo?

The bar is set very high at Verseo. As a result, internet marketing specialists must feel like fish in water on the internet: they must know not only primary but also advanced solutions, test what works and what needs improvement, try out tools, and constantly update their knowledge of the latest channels, advertising possibilities, and ways to optimize activities to achieve the best results for their clients. So, it’s no wonder that they can be called the chosen ones who are not afraid of technology and the digital world! 🚀 And such chosen ones must be generously rewarded!

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