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Amazon Advertising gives e-commerce entrepreneurs extensive opportunities to promote their offer in order to reach new audiences and increase the number of transactions.

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What is the Amazon Advertising system?

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform in the world, reaching up to 300 million active users. It operates on many markets, giving the opportunity to expand sales to fully international scale. It is a great option to enter i.e. the German market, where Amazon is the most popular e-commerce website with even more product searches than Google.

With Amazon you can also reach customers from North America, Europe, Middle East, Japan, India, Singapore, Brazil, Turkey or Australia. The platform gives a chance not only to present the products and sell them, but also to advertise the offer both on and off the platform.

You can choose from several advertising formats, i.e. present your offer in Amazon search results, on pages of similar products or in Amazon advertising network – always on websites that are associated with your assortment.

Ad formats available in Amazon Advertising

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products are ads that appear on the Amazon platform. The users can see them on search results (in the top. bottom or right part of the site). They also appear on the product detail pages when the user is viewing a similar item. Sponsored Products are particularly useful when it comes to promoting offers or launching a new product on the market. Both Suppliers and Sellers can use this format, with a minimum daily budget of $ 10.Produkty sponsorowane

Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands ads consist of several parts – a business’s logo, a headline and products (max. 3). They appear in various places on the platform – at the top of the search results page, bottom or left, on category pages and in product detail tabs. They can take the user either to the homepage of the brand (if he/she clicks a part of the ad with the logo and a headline) or to the page of a specific item from the offer (if he/she clicks on the product).

This ad format serves mostly as a tool to increase brand awareness – it reaches customers that have just started on their shopping path. When using Sponsored Brands format, you have access to a ‘new-to-brand’ metric that tells you how many buyers are familiar with the brand or have not purchased products from you for at least a year.

Both Suppliers and Sellers registered in Amazon Brand Registry can use this format. Their budget (full or daily) must be a minimum of $ 100 per campaign.

Sponsored Display

Sponsored Display Ads are ads that are automatically created by the advertising system. You can choose specific products from your offer or simply an audience group that you plan to reach. The system creates an ad by itself, adding e.g. users’ rating of the product and shows ads to those users who fit your targeting strategy. It is also possible to add a brand logo or a CTA button.

The main difference between Sponsored Display ads and other ad formats on Amazon is that Sponsored Display can be shown not only on the platform itself, but also on non-Amazon websites. This format is therefore perfect if you intend to reach those users who are not currently shopping.

With Sponsored Display you can target ads based on the product, previous product views (available to Suppliers and Sellers registered in the Amazon Brand Registry), and audience interests (available to Suppliers only).

Amazon Advertising – how much does it cost?

When advertising on Amazon, you do not pay for simply showing ads. Just like in the Google Ads system, the advertiser is not charged until the user clicks on the ad. Thanks to this solution the whole budget is spent on reaching only those users, who are interested in your offer. In other words, Amazon uses a model well-known to anybody advertising on the Internet, i.e. CPC – cost per click.

The cost of a single click depends on many factors. It varies depending on the category, specific product, competition, and – in the case of seasonal products – the season. It is also influenced by the chosen bidding strategy. Amazon gives you the option to set a fixed bid for a given ad (then it remains the same) or use algorithms that estimate the probability of conversion.

If you choose the latter, the cost may automatically decrease or increase by the selected percentage without the need to update it manually.

Which ad is shown to the user? It is determined by the auction, in which the CPC bid and the quality of the ad are taken into consideration. Good ad quality is determined by:

  • the number and quality of the images,
  • title and description,
  • product rating (min. 3.5/5)
  • users’ opinions (min. 15)
  • product availability
  • enhanced content (additional descriptions, images and videos)

Conquer new markets with Amazon advertising

In Germany Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform, thus giving a great start on the German market. But it’s not the only European option – you can advertise on Amazon in:

  • Spain
  • France
  • The Netherlands
  • Great Britain

Amazon Advertising significantly increases the possibilities of advertising abroad, even if you do not know the specifics of trading in other regions very well. The only thing you need to remember is that the CSV file with the offered products must be prepared in the language of the country where you want to promote your business.

Targeting ads in Amazon Advertising

On Amazon, you can target your ads in two basic ways:


Using this method, you don’t need to set complex parameters. Amazon Advertising system collects information about your brand and products, and then, based on this data, sets display localizations, keywords, bid strategy, etc.

The only thing you need to set is your advertising budget.

Due to its simplicity, automatic targeting is a great choice for beginners. However, it is a double-edged sword – this method severely limits optimization possibilities that can be crucial when it comes to large, professional campaigns with big budgets.


In the case of manual targeting, you have to set all ads parameters by yourself – from choosing the right keywords to setting CPC.

Manual targeting is much more complex than automatic targeting, but it allows you to customize settings, e.g. to enter keywords in various matches (so that you can expand or narrow the context in which the ad may appear) or exclude chosen words and products.

This ‘land of opportunity’ gives you full control over who can see your message and allows you to choose the perfect audience for your brand.

Entrust your ads to the professionals

Setting campaign manually opens up many great possibilities but it certainly demands experience and extensive knowledge of both Amazon’s panel and internet advertising as a whole. Campaigns need to be monitored and optimized on a regular basis in order to be effective.

We are fully aware that as an entrepreneur you simply don’t have time to undertake such activities by yourself. That’s why we offer you full management of the Amazon advertising account.

Our specialists can take care of your ads on an existing shop on Amazon platform or set up and configure a new account for your business.

Amazon Advertising with Verseo
– campaigns created by the best specialists

At Verseo we offer full management of Amazon campaigns. Our specialists take care of:

Amazon logo

setting up new shops on Amazon
We’ll set up your account, update it with all the necessary information and configure it so that it is ready to use.

store integration
We will connect the domain where you sell your products to your Amazon account.

sending a products file
We will import a CSV file with your entire assortment to the system, so that Amazon always has up-to-date information on product prices, stock, etc.

implementing Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)
We will help you start an FBA cooperation model in which you store your products in one of Amazon’s warehouses and its employees ship them to the customers.

creating campaigns
we will set up your campaigns, choosing – according to our experience – the best parameters to maximize profits.

optimizing campaigns
We check ads statistics, modify bids, budgets and settings on a regular basis so that your campaigns are more profitable.

The benefits of advertising on Amazon with Verseo

  • campaigns managed by specialist experienced in advertising on Amazon
  • wholesome service
  • regularly updated campaigns
  • account manager with experience in determining optimal rates
  • full support in contact with Amazon
  • assistance in implementing the FBA model
  • support in entering the German market
  • increasing brand recognition abroad

Agnieszka Talarska
Executive Ads Specialist

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