Google Ads local campaigns

We know your customers are close, but they will search for your business and offer online. Therefore, for entrepreneurs operating locally, we have prepared an offer of comprehensive marketing activities. Depending on the clients’ needs and the planned budget, the services may be extended or limited. We constantly run several hundred advertising campaigns targeting local markets for small businesses.

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Service for entrepreneurs operating locally
Campaigns aimed at achieving a selected goal
Supervision of a certified Google Ads specialist over the campaign

Use all available technologies in the Google Ads system.

We have an experienced team specializing in running local Google Ads campaigns. Our specialists constantly improve their competences and obtain certificates confirming their skills.

Each time we individually set the local campaign goal with the client. We prepare campaigns aimed at maximizing orders, increasing the number of phone calls. We run campaigns for businesses acquiring specific clients on local markets. We effectively promote plumbers, roadside assistance, gardening businesses, beauty salons, kindergartens, goldsmiths, cleaning businesses and more!

Get closer to your customers with Verseo!

Patrycja Krawczyk-Jęcz
Senior Ads Specialist

Flexibly manage the local campaign budget,
monitor it and adjust the strategy to the internet users’ current behavior – your potential customers.

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