Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)

Your online store boasts an extensive offer and you know that potential customers will find what they are looking for. Your website presents services highly sought after by Internet users.

You need a tool that will allow you to present your offer in its entirety, because it is the customer who decides which part of the offer is the most important, not the setting of the advertising campaign.

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Perfect solution for promoting online stores
Target any language and geographic location
Detailed reporting on the results of the campaign

You know that your ads must be displayed exactly when the internet user searches for a product or service that interests him, not be created and show after some time, based on search statistics.

In order to meet your needs and expectations, we suggest running a campaign based on dynamic search ads (DSA).

DSA campaigns don’t need prepared detailed keyword lists!

Dynamic search ads are based on the indexing of the content posted on the website.

They automatically display after typing relevant queries that match the content of your website.

Dynamic Search Ads can be targeted to any language and geographic location; it is important that your website has content in a language suited to target of the campaign.

  • DSA is a tool that effectively supports campaigns for seasonal products and services or the introduction of a new offer to the market.
  • It’s a time-saving solution – there’s no need to manually update your campaign, create new ad groups, or create content for new ads. DSA allows for full automation of this process.
  • More traffic on the website – by effectively promoting all products from the offer, we increase the number of Internet users visiting your website.
  • We conduct comprehensive website optimization in terms of DSA campaigns, supervise the campaign and its budget, and deal with analytics and reporting.

Karol Marciniak
Senior Ads Specialist

What are your goals? Let’s find the best tools to achieve them with dynamic ads!

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