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Magento platform is one of the most popular Content Management Systems for e-commerce you can base your e-store on. It is a solution widely used among businesses mostly due to its versatility. However, setting up a store is just the beginning.

As a e-commerce website owner, you need customers and in order to get them, you should be visible in Google search engine results. SEO for Magento store is therefore a perfect solution for your business!

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Magento SEO Services – Why is it important?

Let’s face it – your online store is one among the hundreds if not thousands – even in your niche. Customer acquisition is then your main challenge. Let’s start from the very beginning – before the customers make a purchase, they must be aware of the existence of your brand and then know why your offer is perfectly suitable to their needs. Because it is, right?

In order to increase visibility and reach of online stores, as well as the conversion rate, you can choose from one of many marketing channels – PPC systems (e.g. Google Ads, or Facebook Ads), SEO, influencer marketing, or even TV spots… However, in the long term, the cheapest and most effective way to maximize sales will be website positioning via Search Engine Optimization for your Magento store.

What is SEO for Magento?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of activities performed in order to provide higher positions in Google’s results. This is extremely important and cannot be underestimated – most customers start looking for products in the search engine and … stop browsing after finding the first few links in the so-called SERP – i.e. the first page of search results. If your brand is not there, even if your products are well designed and affordable, your chances of attracting a customer seem to be slim.

But what to do to get to one of the first positions? In a nutshell, pages in TOP10 are recognized by Google’s algorithms as most corresponding to the user’s search intentions. However, this task seems simple only in theory. In practice, especially with strong competition, top positions are very hard to reach. Getting to the top requires a huge amount of work and skills of people who deal with SEO activities for your website.

SEO for Magento

Magento SEO Consulting – how to position effectively?

In theory, many tasks related to improving your SERP performance can be done by yourself. But will you do it right? Mistakes can be made at every stage – from selecting relevant keywords (or skipping this step), to link optimization, or getting external links.

Regardless of whether you act alone or in cooperation with a professional SEO agency, here are the key aspects of Search Engine Optimization for Magento stores that you need to take care of in order to see the results of your actions.

Keyword research and choosing the right phrases

Keywords (and broader – key phrases) are queries that users enter while searching for specific products or services. It is important that your store position itself well on phrases that are related to your industry. For example, if your offer is based on accessories for smartphones, the keywords could be “smartphone accessories” or “cases for [phone model]”.

But beware – keywords cannot be selected using just intuition. Let’s take a look at a list of product categories as keywords. Yes, they reflect the scope of your business well, but the problem is that a large group of competitors can position themselves on similar keywords. That is why phrases must be selected carefully – they have to:

  • match to the specifics of your offer,
  • be characterized with SEO potential – remember that the more general (and therefore more popular) phrases you choose, the longer it will take to achieve a high position in the search results.

SEO specialists who make a living taking care of search engine optimization of e-commerce websites use advanced analytical tools for this purpose. Such services both analyze the search potential for individual phrases, and show a list of related keywords. They can also take a closer look at how your closest competition looks when it comes to SEO and key phrases. On this basis, Magento SEO experts can create a list of keywords that gives you real data needed to increase the visibility of your store. Over time, it may – and should – expand.

SEO and positioning are long-term and multi-stage processes. However, it is the keyword research that is the foundation of almost all future activities. It should also be remembered that keywords and phrases sometimes can collect worthless traffic – that is why it is so important to aim at the right phrases so that people who enter them and visit your website eventually become your customers.

Site map and structured data

Creating a clear overview of categories and subcategories can be very helpful in increasing the visibility of the e-store. This is especially important if you sell a wide range of products – in such a situation it is worth setting categories in a logical and orderly manner. Organizational chaos can lead to serious problems with the proper positioning of the website.

Valuable and relevant content

The content on every subpage of the online store influences positioning in a very significant way. But if you plan to simply saturate the content to the limit with the keywords you chose at the previous stage… stop for a moment. While keywords are very important, you can’t do “keyword overkill”, i.e. overdose the content with your phrases. In addition, the texts on a website should be, above all, easy-to-read and user friendly.

It is not only about getting the customer’s attention and attracting him to your website, but most of all for him to stay there and make a purchase. Therefore, various texts should:

  • be published both on the Magento store homepage of the store and on the categories/subcategories pages,
  • contain well-planned keywords – so that the subpages do not “cannibalize” each other, i.e. do not compete for the same user,
  • describe the topics accurately and substantially.

First and foremost: your content must be unique. This means that you cannot copy it, for example, from official press materials that you received from the manufacturer  – even if you have obtained permission to do so. Why? Because Google and other major search engines will quickly detect that it is a copy and most likely will consider the information of little of no value. Sadly, duplicate content is not perceived as high quality content.

Content layout

The substantive content and its saturation with appropriate keywords are not enough. The content should be “SEO friendly” – relevant issues include:

  • adding headings – H2, H3, and even H4,
  • enriching text with bulletpoints and other content distinguishing features – e.g. bolds, italics or underlines.

Optimizing your metadata

Magento SEO optimization should also take into account the website’s meta data, i.e. additional information about the website that is displayed, among others, in search results. Shoper as CMS natively allows you to edit the store’s metadata. The most important thing is to set proper tag parameters: meta title and meta description as well as tags related to the images.

Don’t underestimate other parameters, such as product_name, category_name or product_code. Their correct setting makes it easier for Google web crawlers to properly index the website, and thus – allow for its more effective positioning.

Image optimization

Magento - SEO - icon

No matter what your Magento store’s assortment is, SEO and positioning should take into account image optimization. Product photos are necessary to visualize the items. However, their excessive number, and above all – the files’ size – may significantly slower the loading of product subpages. It can be prevented by reducing the size of the images or changing their format to “lighter” one, i.e. webp. It is worth doing, even at the cost of a slight decrease in the image quality. Magento SEO experts recommend also setting alt tags to each image, i.e. alternative texts, which are additionally useful when a visually impaired person visits the store website so that they can interact with the platform.


Link building

Linking can be described as publishing hyperlinks to your store’s subpages in other websites. It is about the so-called internal linking (linking within your store from one subpage to the other), as well as external – e.g. getting links via sponsored articles, social media profiles, or blogs. Such valuable links increase the positions of your digital store, because they “certify” its credibility in the eyes of Google.

However, you need to know how to do such linking – how to choose the right subpages, phrases and link parameters. Therefore, activities must be preceded by an in-depth audit.

How long does it take to position Magento stores?

Positioning is by definition a process that takes quite a long time (it can be said that it never truly ends!), but brings results lasting for months or even years. Therefore, you have to be prepared for the fact that the work on getting high results in SERPs will take a long time. The average waiting time for the first clear and measurable effects is approximately 3-6 months. This is, of course, indicative value as it all depends on:

  • how many website modifications are needed and what is their scope,
  • what is your budget for SEO activities,
  • how competitive is the industry,
  • how popular are keywords you want to rank on.

Above you can see some SEO fundamentals – the basis of SEO activities. The topic is much broader and filled with complicated technical issues, though.

Website positioning with SEO experts from Magento SEO agency

Do you need help with achieving high positions on the search engines result pages and reaching customers who are interested in your offer? If so, we will be glad to help you. Let us plan a campaign for you that will allow you to expand your market niche. It pays off!

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