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Mobile ad share is growing dynamically every year. As a business, we constantly notice an increasing number of contacts/purchases made from mobile devices.

We consciously develop our clients’ campaigns and we are open to various settlement models.

Use text and image ads or effectively promote your apps (including click-to-download ads) and measure the cost of a single app download.

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Different types of campaign billing available
The ability to target the ad to selected operating systems
Individual supervision of a certified specialist over the campaign

Within the Mobile Google Display Network (mGDN), we can distinguish several types of advertisements displayed on:

On traditional websites in the Google Display Network, which users browse on mobile devices (tablet, smartphone)

On mobile sites within the Google Display Network

Within the app, this includes:
Applications within the Google Display Network
Applications within the Display Network

Karol Marciniak
Senior Ads Specialist

Depending on your needs, we can target your mobile ads to selected operating systems.

Send us examples of your mobile apps or pages and we’ll show you the mobile advertising opportunities for your business.

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