Verseo Campaign Manager

VCM is an advanced comprehensive platform for optimizing online campaigns, using Machine Learning (self-learning algorithms).
The tool is fully adapted to the requirements of the global market and prepared to handle online campaigns of all sizes – starting from a mini campaign with only 5 keywords, up to a campaign with 1,000,000 or more keywords.

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The first platform for managing campaigns in Central and Eastern Europe
It uses advanced self-learning algorithms
Monitoring and optimization of campaigns around the clock

Verseo Campaign Manager (VCM) – number 1 among platforms for campaign optimization and automation

The ongoing supervision over the campaign by the Google Ads Certified Team of Specialists (currently 50 specialists) is supplemented with an analysis based on the historical results of the campaign (e.g. clicks, orders, quality score, costs and many others) using VCM technology to find the optimal ratio of costs to the results by using very advanced statistical models.

The concept of maximizing campaign effects has taken a new dimension with Verseo and VCM technology.

VCM is the only campaign manager that combines several dozen optimization strategies that use self-learning algorithms. What distinguishes our platform is the fact that it is not based on one engine, because we have algorithms from several suppliers. So if your goal is to maximize conversions and your strategy isn’t meeting your expectations, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it was a bad choice. Perhaps a different algorithm with the same purpose will do better.

The most common task that we set for the platform is to optimize the budget for a specific goal, such as clicks or conversions. And the platform does the task very well! As not every advertiser has unlimited financial resources, we get a certain amount of funds to be used for activities in Google Ads and we do everything to use them as efficiently as possible. Of course, we would always like to have an unlimited budget, but this is not always possible.

The first effects are usually visible after the first weeks, but for a rational assessment of effectiveness you should wait a minimum two months. The system learns quickly, but we must remember that the more data we provide, the faster it will learn. It is obvious that in campaigns generating, let’s say, 100 conversions a day, the changes will be noticeable faster than in campaigns generating 5 conversions a day.
Just as intelligent people learn from mistakes and draw conclusions for the future, the system at the initial stage of optimization extrapolates its observations and, based on mathematical calculations, promotes more keywords or products that it believes are more likely to convert.

In the movie, the girls from Verseo deal with the topic in 90 seconds!

The scheme of action is similar regardless of the goal that we set to achieve.
Algorithms cluster according to the chosen key – they group specific keywords / products into sets with certain common features, based on the existing results as well as contextual data collected in real time.
The system will often notice what the marketer will not notice with the naked eye (because he/she does not follow the campaigns 24/7), such as a sudden jump in sales of the national team’s shirts after being promoted to the world championship, just after such an event.

Strategies available

VCM gives you the opportunity to choose an individual bidding strategy or use the options below

  • maximizing clicks within a given budget
  • maximizing conversions within a given budget
  • maximizing visibility
  • revenue maximization
  • profit maximization (up to P – the difference between campaign revenue and cost)
  • achieving a specific return on investment
  • achieving a specific customer acquisition cost
  • minimizing advertising costs

Depending on their choice, these strategies can be further specified by defining additional parameters such as min and max CPC, min and max CPA, min ROAS, bidding differently on mobile and desktop, etc.

VCM is not only a campaign management tool, but also a powerful reporting system that keeps our clients up to date with the results of their campaigns. We’ve collected all the data in one place and our clients see not only the overall results of the campaign, such as costs or conversions, but also, for example, which keywords generate the most conversions, which ad is the most effective, or even the distribution of results by the device type.

Jakub Perkowski
Senior Google Ads Strategist

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