Google Ads nationwide campaigns

Do you want to acquire customers from any country of your choice? We will provide you with marketing support that will allow you to effectively reach a group of potential customers and target ads to geographic locations. Depending on your goals and the size of your budget, we will propose marketing activities tailored to your needs.

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Attract customers from all over the country
Get team of experienced Google Ads specialists
We use all available Google Ads technologies in national ads

We can use all available technologies in the Google Ads system.

Campaigns are prepared and conducted by a team of certified specialists using Google Ads tools (including image ad, Google Shopping ad, YouTube ad, ad in mobile apps).

We run campaigns corresponding to the specific goals of the client: aimed at increasing sales and the number of orders, introducing a new product to the market, brand promotion (so-called branding campaigns), display campaigns and more.

We have experience in promoting businesses nationwide, for example courier and leasing businesses, translation agencies, online stores, businesses from the financial sector or enterprises operating on the basis of a nationwide network of showrooms. Check what we can do for you.

Karol Marciniak
Senior Ads Specialist

Thanks to the transparent and extensive reporting system you can monitor your campaigns daily!

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