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Digital Marketing – What Is It?

Nowadays traditional and digital marketing are inseparable – like two sides of the coin. But in recent years, the role of the latter has increased significantly. No wonder – the Internet is currently the key source of information. That is why it is worth knowing what digital marketing is and what tasks a digital marketer has to face.

Digital Marketing – What Is It?

Digital marketing – as the name suggests – is an advertising activity based on digital formats. In fact, it comes down to any promotional activity of businesses on the Internet.

Within the Internet network, you can divide your activities into those more oriented towards desktop or mobile users, as well as make a different division according to your needs. In fact, where the Internet is, there is also digital marketing, which has many levels.

Digital Marketing – 3 Compelling Reasons

Digital marketing is the future of communication with customers. Are you wondering why? Here are the top three reasons why you should use it.

  • Measurability of digital marketing

Internet marketing solutions offer great analytical opportunities. You can thoroughly analyze your activities in Google AdWords, on Youtube or Facebook and extract a lot of indicators that you are really interested in. A more or less experienced digital marketer can measure the reach or ratio of expenses incurred to obtained contacts or customers. The number of views, clicks or other reactions to your advertising formats. Digital marketing is also a great environment for testing optimal solutions. You can conduct A / B tests to optimize your marketing message and increase its effectiveness. As a result, you will save money spent on advertising in the future.

Verseo Ads Banner
Verseo Ads Banner
  • Digital marketing targeting

We can target network activities to any audience. Do your customers listen to pop? Or maybe they drink more coffee than tea? Prefer to buy online or in physical stores? Where do they live, what do they like, how old are they? If you know who your model client is then half of the work is done. Digital marketing allows for precise targeting. It is enough for a digital marketer to reach for analytical tools from such environments as Google or Facebook. They will allow you to display your ads to your target audience. Thanks to digital marketing, your budget will not burn up without getting the expected results.

  • Digital marketing costs

Many activities in digital marketing require only… time! You can write articles on a business blog yourself. Interact on industry forums or social networks – also. You can answer dozens of questions from potentially interested people and build your company brand.

However, if you have some money to spend, then don’t wait. Digital marketing is an investment that will accelerate your development. You have to be there where your clients are. And where do people currently seek information on services and products? Exactly! Online. The more money you invest, the more likely a potential client will notice your business.

Where to Start Your Adventure With Digital Marketing?

Think as your potential client for a moment. Where would he/she look for information about products or services you offer? Who does he/she ask for an opinion and where? Taking into account the current trends, he/she uses Google recommendations and search results first. Google search engine is  the most frequently used tool for research. You have a chance to appear there in two ways, using the full potential of digital marketing.

  • If you have time

Base your website on unique content based on keywords. Answer questions asked by clients. What are they looking for? What do they pay attention to? Does location matter to them? Potential clients have tons of inquiries. If you’re just starting, it’s a good idea to focus on the less popular ones. Small traffic, multiplied by a few interesting, even rarely searched phrases, will allow you to attract the attention of the first clients.

New call-to-action
New call-to-action

Saturate your content with keywords, but make sure the text is high quality and useful to the reader. If you create a text that you would like to read yourself, then in organic – unpaid search – there will be a chance for a high position. Remember – the key is to be in the top 10. Further positions – especially for rarely searched words or phrases – unfortunately will not matter much.

  • If you don’t have time

Use the Google AdWords tool. Even a small financial investment will allow you to appear at the top of the search results for individual phrases and words that are searched by potential customers. You can do it yourself or outsource it to an agency. When doing it yourself, you save on commission, but you probably will not have the experience that will allow you to measure conversion results in all the aspects and thus optimize the campaign. As a result – it may turn out – that the actions carried out by the agency, even including commissions, will be more effective and bring you more traffic and income. In this case, the agency has a direct interest in ensuring that the results of the campaign are satisfactory for you.

Internet Marketing vs Digital – Is There a Difference?

“Technically” it can be said that digital marketing is a slightly broader concept, because it covers all activities that involve digital communication with users. Thus, they also include, for example, SMS campaigns. However, today all digital activities are closely related to the online world. Therefore, you can safely put an equal sign between the digital and online world.

Not only advertising – digital marketing is something more

As we have already mentioned, digital marketing – especially if you have the time, is largely based on good quality content. However, saturation of texts with appropriate keywords is not everything. The key of a modern strategy with customers is to interact with them and guide them through the so-called marketing funnel. That is why it is important to get leads, build social media reach or build valuable links to the content you create.

New call-to-action
New call-to-action

Finally, the most important thing: no good marketing campaign – one that is supposed to bring long-term results – is created in a vacuum. It requires developing an individual, well-thought-out strategy and the selection of effective implementation tools. That is why at Verseo we offer assistance of Google AdWords specialists and Verseo Campaign Manager for support. It is a tool that collects large amounts of information and makes thousands of changes a day in your campaigns, which definitely improves them. You can order a free consultation with us and check what we can offer you in this regard. Good luck!

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