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Youtube advertising – why is it important and what works?

YouTube advertising – content evolution?

It was not long ago when content marketing was primarily about posting on blogs, creating infographics, e-books and other “static” content formats. With development of technology, the content is more and more often associated with videos. There is no doubt that the most popular platform in this respect is YouTube which apparently is still the leader. The YouTube advertisement is one of the most effective ways of raising awareness and winning customers.

Perhaps you wonder if you can use it to promote your business. This article answers this question and provides you with a couple of tips on how to do it effectively.

Is YouTube advertising a good solution for my company?

YouTube is not only a very popular video platform. It is the second most popular website in the world! Although many people do not realize this, YouTube is also the web search engine – second most famous, following Google. Undoubtedly, you can take advantage of such a tool to promote your business. To illustrate, according to Polish consumers, 70% of Polish users search for products in Google after they have found recommendations on YouTube. This way the potential advertisement on YouTube answers not only the question “what” but also “why”, and this may prove to be a highly effective instrument of promotion.

Certainly, popularity translates into fierce competition. Every minute on YouTube brings 300 hours of new videos. Before you start using this platform in order to develop your business, you have to decide whether your effort may bring any results at all.

For sure you should take into account the fact that video marketing is becoming more and more popular. Such format is the best form of content as far as commitment is concerned. You can use videos made for YouTube in many other places, such as:

  • company blog
  • social media
  • marketing email campaign
  • landing page

Video also fosters improving conversions and building brand awareness.

  • 64% of entrepreneurs who have used video marketing admit that it contributed to growth of conversion directly
  • according to 76% of companies, the investment in video marketing pays for itself soon

YouTube advertisement has the advantage over classic TV commercials because it provides perfect tools intended to measure actions, analytics which allow optimization as well as possibilities of reaching specific target groups with a flexible budget.

What kind of marketing materials can you create to advertise on YouTube?

It is advisable to publish content which is consistent and therefore associated with your channel so that viewers return to see more. It is also essential that you experiment with various kinds of videos in order to learn which of them are the most effective and assure success. Generally speaking, similar to classic content activities, here you also need to research what is more attractive and useful for a potential target group.

Since you now know that YouTube can help you increase sales significantly and achieve other marketing goals, let’s have a look at examples of effective video formats:

  • List

The list including for example “10 most popular tools for…” is a very popular and effective format in the case of blog posts, infographics and obviously videos.

Verseo Ads Banner
Verseo Ads Banner

Such videos may educate, be informative and sell things. Remember, however, that such a list must correspond to the interests of your target group.

  • How-to guidebook

How-to videos are very popular because they provide users with authentic and practical value. If you design websites, you can publish video tutorials on how to make a backup of your site on the server.

  • Videos “behind the scenes”

YouTube is a social networking site. One of the ways of presenting your brand to recipients is to show that you are not just a product or service. A good example is Sprout Social with its series of videos presenting team members.

  • Product videos

Video is a great way of showing your product and service. Such materials may present how to use its functions, inform about updates or announce brand new products. They can obviously captivate if you match form and content skillfully.

  • Case studies

A case study is a perfect way of informing viewers about how your product or service supported the customer and solved the problem. Not only do you show the range of products or services in your offer, but you can also emphasize your skills through a satisfied customer.

  • Interviews

Interviews with experts from your line of business is a great way of attracting viewers. Such experts surely have their own followers. Thanks to this, you can increase traffic on your channel.

How to prepare for YouTube advertising video?

Here are a few good tips you can start with:

1. Create brand channel on YouTube

When you create a channel via your Google account, only the account owner may log in the channel. Thanks to the brand channel, the access to your account may be granted to other employees via their private Google accounts.

This way many people may help your channel grow.

New call-to-action
New call-to-action

2. Learn more about your audience

YouTube accounts feature in-depth analytics which allows you to gain much useful information on your channel. Your YouTube advertisement is followed constantly so you can draw conclusions on an on-going basis. You can find here specific data related to viewers’ behavior, number of views and average watching time, or profits from advertising.

This way you can find answers to such questions as:

  • How and when are my videos watched most often (via which devices and what time of the day)?
  • How old are my viewers on average and what is their sex?
  • Where do my viewers live?

Based on such data, you can adjust your strategy properly.

3. Follow your competitors

It is crucial that you analyze your competition if you want to stand out in your business. Keep track of your competitors’ channels and find out which videos are most popular. Thanks to this, you can get a better insight into what is most effective in your business and consequently be able to improve your strategy.

4. Optimize videos for SEO

Remember that YouTube is a search engine. If so, it also has ranking factors which influence the position of your video for a specific search finding. Qualitative content itself is not sufficient – you have to make sure that it is easy to find. There are a few effective ways of improving your video positioning:

  • use proper keywords in the video title
  • create an eye-catching miniature – it frequently encourages people to check your content
  • always make video descriptions which contain short summary of the subject as well as links to your company website or social media accounts


The forms presented in this article are perfect for your organic activities but you must remember that most YouTube adverts are launched from Google Ads. . These are all the ads that we have a chance to watch in front of specific movies.  You can choose among several forms – starting from quick “5 second” videos which you, as a user, cannot skip, ending up with long 2/3-minute videos which basically must be well-done to draw attention and not be so-called “Skip advert” videos. Certainly, you can also publish graphic advertisements on YouTube, or promote videos in the search engine. All advert formats on YouTube can be found below the link.  

It is advisable to choose YouTube to promote your business and win new customers. It is important that you take advantage of possibilities provided by the platform. If you wish to obtain assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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