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Optimization score in Google Ads account – How to get more effective?

Result of Google Ads optimization

The Google Ads account, in the Recommendations section, now features “Optimization score” indicator. At present this tool is available in Beta version but you can use it on a daily basis.

As a rule the Optimization Score and Recommendations section are intended to help you manage the account and increase effectiveness. The Optimization Score is a percent value which demonstrates how many possibilities of Google Ads you have used so far. In other words it is a forecast of Google Ads account effectiveness. Currently this indicator is only available for active campaigns in the search network but you can test it at the entire account level and campaign and adverts group level. Google plans to allow using this indicator also in the case of other kinds of campaigns.

How according to Google you can take advantage of Optimization Score

Primarily this indicator’s task is to help you manage your account more effectively. The changes suggested by the Recommendation section can be implemented on the account straightaway and they become effective at the same time. For some users it may also indicate other functions and possibilities provided by Google Ads.  

How is the Optimization Score counted? Google calculates it on the basis of the campaign statistics, settings, account and campaign status, as well as history of recommendations. The factors which influence the Optimization Score may change along with changes in the Google advertising system.

How according to Google you can take advantage of Optimization Score?

The Optimization Score is one of elements in the Recommendation section in Google Ads. It includes guidelines which Google advises to follow in order to improve the account score. The entire section has been designed with the aim to improve the campaign. The recommendations are generated automatically, based on analysis of settings of particular campaigns, account effectiveness and trends in Google. Each recommendation has a direct impact on increasing Optimization Score by approximate percent points specified in the section.

At present Google has a specific set of recommendations divided into several sections:

  • advertisements and extensions – recommendations of this sort primarily suggest adding a larger number of adverts and adding all possible extensions to adverts. The advertisements with extensions cause the advert to be more effective because they contain more space in Google search engine,
  • rates and budgets – the section includes suggestions on setting automatic rate strategies which are intended to help you achieve a specific business goal in Google Ads. Further guidelines are related to raising or lowering the rates in order to achieve high positions or more effective use of the budget with limited expenses for the advertisement.
  • keywords and advert targeting – this part of recommendations is concerned mainly with keywords, including deleting and adding them, as well as adding excluding words and recipients. It is necessary to work with keywords because it is the first way of reaching our target customers, and their effective setting allows efficient use of the budget.
  • for repair – the section concerns more technical issues, such as work with customer’s website or following conversions and tags,
  • advertisement suggestions – here Google suggests how to edit existing advertisements so that they get more effective.

You have to remember that the Optimization Score does not influence the Quality Score or advertisement ranking, but implementation of recommendations may improve these indicators.

If you use the Recommendations section and Optimization Score reasonably, there is no doubt you can make your campaigns more effective. You need to remember, however, about the impact of these changes on rates and use of the monthly budget.

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