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Digital Marketing – what is it?

Digital marketing – as the name suggests – is advertising based on digital formals. In fact, it comes down to any promotional activity of companies on the Internet. As part of the Internet network, you can divide your activities into the ones oriented on PC users and mobile users, as well as do other divisions, depending on your needs. In fact – where the Internet is – there is also digital marketing.

Digital marketing – 3 arguments

Digital marketing measurability

Internet marketing provides fabulous analytical possibilities. You can analyze your activities in Google AdWords, on Youtube or Facebook as well as distinguish many indicators you prioritize. You can measure the range or relations between expenses and contracts or customers, number of displays and clicks, and other reactions to your advertising. Digital marketing is also a great place in which you can test optimal solutions. You can conduct A/B tests to optimize your marketing message and make it more effective, as well as save cash spent on advertising in the future.

Digital marketing targeting

Actions on the web can be intended for any groups of recipients. Your customers listen to pop? Or perhaps they would rather drink coffee than tea? Do they buy online or in the brick-and-mortar stores? Where they live, what they like, how old they are. If you know who your model customer is and who may be interested, you’ve done a lot already. Analytical tools of Google and Facebook will let you display adverts to those whom you choose. Thanks to digital marketing, you don’t waste cash on traffic which does not generate any profits.

Verseo Ads Banner
Verseo Ads Banner

Digital marketing costs

Many actions in digital marketing require….time from you! You can write articles on your blog yourself. The same about interacting on trade forums or social networking sites. You can respond to dozens of questions of people interested and build your and your company’s brand. If you can afford to spend some cash, don’t wait. It is the investment which boosts your growth. Customers have to find you in the place they explore. And where do you look for information on services and products? Exactly! On the Internet. The more cash you invest, the higher the likelihood that potential customers can spot your business.

Where to start your adventure with digital marketing?

Imagine your potential customer. Where does he or she look for information on products or services? Who they ask about opinion and where? Taking into account current trends, they will start with recommendations and search engine results in Google. Google search engine is now the natural place in which people search for information and you have an opportunity to appear there in two ways.

If you have time

Focus your website on unique content based on keywords. Answer questions of your customers. What do they look for? What do they pay attention to? Does location matter? Potential consumers ask a lot of questions. If you start your business, it is advisable to concentrate on niche queries. Small traffic, multiplied by a few interesting, even rarely searched phrases, will allow you to attract the attention of the first customers on the web. Fill the content with keywords but make sure the text is qualitative and useful for the reader. If you create a text you would like to read yourself, you can expect a high position in the organic free search results. Remember, the key is to be in top10. Further positions – particularly for rarely searched words or phrases – will not play a crucial role.

New call-to-action
New call-to-action

If you don’t have time

Use Google AdWords tools. Even minor financial input will help you reach the top of the search result list for particular phrases and words. You can do this yourself or order the agency to do so. If you act by yourself, you can save on commissions but you don’t have experience which lets you measure conversion results in many terms and therefore optimize your campaign. In effect, it may turn out that the agency’s actions, despite its commissions, will be more effective, boost traffic and increase profits in your business. This being the case, the agency does its best to make sure campaign results are satisfying.   

In Verseo you are provided with a dedicated Google AdWords specialist and support in the form of Verseo Campaign Manager which collects large amount of information and makes thousands of changes a day in your campaign, which serves as improvement. You can order us to send you a free quote and check what we can offer you.

Good luck!  

New call-to-action
New call-to-action
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