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Beware of Companies Impersonating Verseo!

In times when digitalization spreads like fog over the valleys, ensuring that the company you are dealing with is genuine takes on special significance. Internet scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and you must be more vigilant than ever!

Recently, we have noted several attempts to impersonate Verseo. Therefore, remember that our company NEVER requires micropayments for you to, for example, participate in the recruitment process or become our collaborator/subcontractor.

Scammers also illegally use our logo. Keep in mind that its presence is not a guarantee of the source of information. In email communication, we always use the domain. We never contact officially via messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram, or Signal. In the case of Facebook, this can only occur from our official profile.

In case of any doubts related to communication, you can contact us, for example, at [email protected] and verify whether the information indeed comes from us. Here is a list of official domains belonging to Verseo:


Below you will find some useful information related to attempts at internet fraud.

Verseo Ads Banner
Verseo Ads Banner

Examples of Internet Scams

Phishing Criminals impersonate banks, offices, or online stores to obtain confidential information. An example is an email allegedly from a bank that leads to a fake site. There, an unsuspecting person enters their data, which goes straight into the hands of scammers.

Fake Online Stores Fake online stores are like a mirage in the desert – they promise a lot, but when you approach, everything disappears. These sites look professional and offer attractive prices, but after making a purchase, the customer receives nothing. The scammers disappear with the money, leaving only emptiness and disappointment.

Investment Scams Investment scams are like promises of El Dorado – high profits with minimal risk. After depositing the funds, contact is lost, and the investor loses everything.

How to Verify the Authenticity of a Company?

Check Registration Data Every company should be registered in the appropriate register, such as the National Court Register (KRS) in Poland. Searching for the company allows you to check its registration data. The lack of an entry is like a warning sign on an unknown trail.

Customer Reviews and Opinions It is worth searching forums, portals, and social media. Negative reviews or the lack thereof are a signal to be cautious.

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Certificates and Quality Marks Companies that care about their reputation possess ISO certificates or other quality marks for their services, such as partnerships with other well-known brands/service providers that can be verified on websites.

Secure Website A secure site should have an SSL certificate – it’s like a closed door to a house. “Https://” and the padlock icon in the address bar indicate that the data is encrypted and secure.

Contact with the Company Before starting cooperation, it is worth contacting the company directly. Checking the phone, email address associated with the company, and the physical address is like checking a map before setting out on a journey. Lack of response or non-existent contact details is an immediate red flag for you!


Using tools such as company registers, customer reviews, quality certificates, and secure websites are precautions that can protect us from scammers. In a world full of internet threats, caution and common sense are the best guides.

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