of available optimization strategies

Income maximization based on the budget

Algorithm 1

The strategy is recommended especially to advertisers who know perfectly their investment opportunities and needs. Thanks to this strategy, you will maximize your income, while ensuring that you stay within the given budget.

Case study

Conversions maximization based on the budget

Algorithm 2

Do you have a fixed budget that you cannot exceed? If so, this is the strategy for you. Based on the target monthly budget, the algorithm will set the rates for clicking on keywords so that the number of generated conversions is as high as possible!

Case study

Traffic maximization based on the budget

Algorithm 3

The strategy of maximizing traffic based on the budget is recommended especially in campaigns for services and e-commerce, which are designed to bring as many visitors as possible to the landing page.

Case study

Bid optimization strategy based on ROAS

Algorithm 4

Do you know the profitability threshold of your business perfectly? Do you know what return on investment is attractive and beneficial to you, and at the same time you do not want to limit the campaign budget? This is a great strategy for you – as part of this strategy, the budget is spent as long as you meet your business goals!

Case study

Bid optimization strategy based on CPA

Algorithm 5

If you run a service campaign and you want to keep the conversion cost at a certain level, you’ve just found the perfect strategy for you! As with the target ROAS optimization strategy, your campaign will not block the budget as long as the cost-per-conversion condition you specified is met.

Case study

Maintaining the position at the lowest possible cost

Algorithm 6

The strategy of maintaining the position is recommended especially to industries where visibility in the top three search results is very important. The algorithm will run in real time and set your bids to keep your positions throughout the day.

Case study

Bids optimization based on


Day and time


RLSA and different target groups


Verseo Ads
for local services

For local services the VCM system provides the optimization of the planned budget within the time limit, to achieve the assumed goal. Thanks to that the ads can be displayed evenly. The algorithms are supposed to maximize the conversions (in case they are missing – maximize the clicks). Even with a small budget you can get stable results.

Strategies available:

  • Conversions maximization based on the budget
  • Traffic maximization based on the budget

Verseo Ads
for e-commerce

Thanks to the knowledge about the number and value of transactions carried out by online stores it is easy to determine the assumptions/break even points of the activities. The purpose of the strategy may be to achieve the determined ROAS or to maximize income while having quite flexible expenses.

However, with the specific budget we can maximize the conversion on the basis of the budget.

Strategies available:

  • Income maximization based on the budget
  • Bid optimization strategy based on ROAS
  • Conversion maximization based on the mix