Our actions


After consulting with the client, preparation of a campaign strategy, including the use of VCM tools.

Launching the campaign

Campaign audit in terms of VCM requirements and adjusting the campaign to the specifications of this tool.


Analyzing the results of the campaign on an ongoing basis and implementing the suggested solutions, including changes in the budget management.


In this case study, using the VCM tool increased the number of ad impressions by almost 1 000 000 and increased the number of transactions by approx. 15%, while reducing the cost of a single conversion by approx. 40%. As a result, the cost of the campaign after connecting the VCM was lower by 30%.

Increase in the number of transactions by


Clicks Views Conversions Cost

Conversion cost
Before 84 480 4 410 462 312 16 902,97 EUR 54,16 EUR
After 81 003-4,12% 5 373 599+21,84% 358+14,74% 11940,23 EUR-29,36% 33,32 EUR-38,48%