Our actions


Development of an action plan aimed at increasing the number of transactions using the VCM tool. Preparation of an ad content to encourage larger purchases – the client indicated that he would also like to increase the average transaction value.

Launching the campaign

We have introduced an advanced bid optimization strategy. The activities of Verseo specialists were also aimed at increasing the number of ad views.


We conducted an ongoing analysis of the campaign results and introduced the solutions suggested by VCM, including changes in the budget management, ad display, etc.


The results of the work carried out using VCM are: an increase in the number of ad impressions (by over 1,000,000) and clicks on them (by 10,000), an increase in the number of transactions (by over 750) and a conversion rate (from 2% to over 4.5%). The total conversion rate has also increased.

Increase in the number of conversions by


Clicks Views Conversions Cost

Conversion cost
Before 11 465 431 968 238 542,71 EUR 2,27 EUR
After 21 681+89,11% 1 502 710+247,87% 996+318,49% 1862,99 EUR+243,36% 1,87 EUR-21,12%