Our actions


Identification of factors that may increase the number of transactions and their optimization with the use of the VCM tool. Rebuild of the campaign in terms of adjusting to the VCM requirements.

Launching the campaign

We have made an advanced implementation of the bid optimization strategy. Having a very well optimized campaign in terms of cooperation with VCM, we knew that the suggestions of self-learning algorithms would be correct.


While working on increasing the number of transactions, we paid special attention to keeping the budget at a constant level, in accordance with the client’s wish. We monitored the results of the campaign and introduced changes responding to the observed trends in the behavior of potential customers.


In line with customer expectations and the chosen strategy, the number of conversions increased (from 325 to 854). The budget of the campaign remained at the same level (a change by several euros with a budget of EUR 1750 is symbolic). The cost of a single conversion decreased by about 60%. The number of ad impressions and clicks on the ad has significantly increased.

Increase in conversions by


Clicks Views Conversions Cost

Conversion cost
Before 17 979 991 561 325 1 947,15 EUR 5,99 EUR
After 28 035+55,93% 1 395 634+40,75% 854+162,77% 1913,68 EUR-1,72% 2,24 EUR-62,61%