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There was no need to create an overall strategy, because the optimization with the use of VCM in this case was related to a successful campaign. It was enough to identify elements that may have a special impact on the final results of the campaign after optimization.

Launching the campaign

Campaign audit in terms of the requirements of the possibility of connecting VCM and adjusting the campaign to the specificity of these tools. As a result, there was a partial reconstruction of the campaign.


Ongoing tracking of campaign results and related to it statistical data. Introducing subtle changes to the campaign based on the provided data. The VCM tool, having to deal with a properly structured campaign, managed it based on its algorithms.


Use of VCM contributed to the improvement of the campaign parameters in all of the assessed aspects. The use of Verso Campaign Manager translated into an increase in the number of clicks by almost 9% and in ad impressions by almost 150%. After the implementation of VCM, the number of transactions has more than doubled (by 123.98% to be exact). The conversion cost decreased by approx. 63%. Campaign expenses, despite the increase in the number of clicks on ads, decreased by EUR 250.

Increase in the number of transactions by


Clicks Views Conversions Cost

Conversion cost
Before 14 112 519 901 171 1720,12 EUR 10,06 EUR
After 15 361+8,85% 1 281 716+146,53% 383+123,98% 1458,91 EUR-15,19% 3,81 EUR-62,14%