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What Is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a form of artificial intelligence that follows data provided from the web. This means machine learning systems are not programmed to perform one, 10 or 100 specific tasks with given variables. This means that the more data comes into the system, the better, and just as importantly, the more independent decisions it will make. Thus, the system on its own learns to optimize and rationalize its choices based on the information coming from the past and the present. In this sense, it’s not different from a human. OK – it is different – it can make much more decisions, it also does it in a shorter time and is based on better – because broader – knowledge.

Verseo Ads Banner
Verseo Ads Banner

Machine Learning – How Does it Work?

Machine Learning – just like our minds – feeds off of environmental variables, past decisions and their consequences, and ultimately the ratio of cost to benefit (whatever the benefit will be in a given case). As we get older, we become more experienced by absorbing stimuli and storing them for later use in the form of cause and effect thinking. Systems based on machine learning work in exactly the same way. The more data we provide, the more efficiently the system will operate in its environment. Such systems evolve much faster than classical organisms. The Verseo Campaign Manager platform – based on machine learning – can make even several thousand decisions per day improving the functioning of your Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) campaign.

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Why Does It Matter?

When you watch Netflix or Youtube, you get recommendations. When you ask Siri, you get answers (at least there’s a chance! 😀). When you browse Facebook, you get profiled information that will potentially interest you. These are all examples of how machine learning, at various levels, is already influencing our choices and optimizing our cognition paths today. Used wisley, knowledge-intensive algorithms benefit your online experience and simply shorten the path to answers. The Verseo Campaign Manager platform uses the same mechanism, only that to optimize the spend you make on finding potential customers in Google Ads. If you’re in the mood for more information, just drop us a line and we’ll give you comprehensive information.

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