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How to win customers – 7 examples from the internet!

Why is it worth constantly acquiring customers?

To build your business, you have to look for customers. Sales is a key factor which determines growth of the company and increase in its value and popularity. It is therefore important that you get yourself into the habit of winning customers continuously and effectively. In the era of the Internet, there is a number of various methods of winning customers which may reach a wide range of potential buyers. For this reason, if you wish to prosper and develop your business, you cannot ignore them but take the most of them. Is acquiring customers via the Internet difficult? Read below to see 7 reliable Internet examples on how to win customers, where to find them and how to win their trust.

1. Website

The increase in the availability of the Internet creates a demand for the presence of companies on the Internet. At present most of them have their own website. It is necessary to remember, however, that the website itself is not a simple road to success. Searching information on the web must be smooth and fast, but if your website is not popular and visible – nobody will visit it. How to prevent it? It is important that you know how to act and make sure your website is visible online. One of the most frequent mistakes is forgetting about placing the website address on all banners, advertising materials or e-mail messages or business cards. You cannot neglect it because it is a cheap way of raising awareness of your site. You cannot lose anything, you can only gain.  

Another possible activity traffic on the website is Google Adwords (Google Ads). It is a very effective way of making sure the potential customer visits your website after he or she enters a phrase in the search engine.

2. Social networking sites

Facebook is a perfect social networking site intended to search for new customers. Registered users may create groups, share messages and photographs, create fanpages, sites and share links. It is therefore a great chance of impressing new customers. You can update information on your business by posting news and special offers, which causes other Facebook users to get interested. You can also try to reach new targets traditionally, that is through recommendations and friends. Another way of winning customers on Facebook is advertising intended for target groups. To do so, you have to specify the parameters of the group, that is age, sex, place of residence, as well as interests or hobbies. You can set a budget, time and form of advertising on your own. You can also reach people who have already visited your site, etc.      

Twitter in turn allows its users to send short messages, respond to them and share them. It may be a great way of short advertising if the content is unique, funny and memorable. It is hard to define its impact on sales but skillful actions definitely support recognizability.  

Instagram – a social networking site based on sharing photos is a must-have to some businesses. Instagram users are younger than Facebook’s and you can clearly see the impact of influencers who determine trends among followers. Fashion, cosmetics, books, luxurious goods, jewelry – such products are desired on Instagram.

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3. Emailing

In the era of omnipresent SPAM, this solution may not sound promising and encouraging, but marketing emailing has nothing to do with SPAM. The success of this method is based on customized emails so that potential customers feel they are the only recipients of the message. It entails more activity than just adding a first name, last name and company name. Titles must not be oppressive, and the content must be well-balanced and serious to evoke kindliness and curiosity.  Before that, you have to do some research to present advantages of your services skillfully, explain why the service is intended for this particular recipient and emphasize benefits and potential issues. Email may react directly to website users’ actions and offer various contents, depending on their actions. The user made a purchase and you want to encourage him/her to do it again? Or perhaps the user resigned from shopping and it is advisable to encourage him/her through a discount? Or maybe he/she reads specific contents and it is good to target email in this respect? All this is offered by modern systems.  

4. Video recordings

Videos are becoming more and more popular on the web. You can make use of this popularity and create good-quality advertisements. Promoting your business in this way is very accessible and visually pleasing to recipients. The advantage of this kind of promotion is the fact that such content remains in our memory longer. The audio-visual form provides the creators with new possibilities, but it is worth following a few hints. How to win a customer via videos? It is important that you make sure the advert is not too long. It’s better to create three short memorable advertising spots and use them interchangeably not to bore viewers, than proposing a long and irritating film. A new opportunity offered by this promotion option is the fact that you can present your company personally in a direct, honest way without hiding behind banners. Currently, you can record a simple video via such programs as Soapbox or Vidyard – simple and intuitive tools thanks to which you can get familiar with the world of videos.  

Importantly, Youtube – as a social networking video platform – provides very cheap and well-targeted access to specific users. This is why more and more companies transfer their funds from TV into YouTube in order to build and share their content.

5. Classified websites

New call-to-action
New call-to-action

Famous and free classified websites, e.g., and, are where you can offer your services. All you have to do is prepare the content of your offer with a picture and include your website address so that further customers have a chance to hear about your business. For an additional fee, you can post your announcement on suggested pages or on the main page in search results. The use of this kind of portal and its range depends widely on the nature of your business. Large stores have to invest more in promotion. Local services may start with a no-cost model.

6. Mobile website

It is a very important way of winning customers and holding them close. Due to the fact that people often do the shopping via their tablet or mobile, you are required to create a website for such devices in order not to lose customers. Such websites are lighter and load quicker and thanks to this potential customers will not get bored, turn into competitors and get distracted. The mobile market is constantly growing and, depending on a given market, is already responsible for 40-60% of total e-commerce sales in the world.

7. Newsletter

It is an electronic form of short journal in which you can include useful information on your business. Having obtained your customer’s email address, he or she will receive short articles, advice or new recommended products. It is a vital mechanism which surprises and reminds former customers about your company as well as attracts new customers.


The above-stated methods are basic ways of winning customers on the web. Certainly, they are just a tip of the iceberg.It may turn out that you will find real gems among other channels – especially if you present niche industries. In the case of smaller scales, it is worth focusing on one or two of the most promising channels.

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