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Google Ads for EUR 1,250 for an Online Store

Google Ads for online store

Advertising on Google products available in the online store is one of the main sources of customer acquisition. As an e-shop owner, you certainly measure where your website traffic is coming from and which products attract the most attention. According to the data, as many as 93% of people declare that they are looking for information on interesting products in a search engine (e.g. Google). It’s no wonder that so many e-commerce entrepreneurs decide to make campaigns on Google. It’s an obvious solution for bigger players. But what if we have a smaller or medium-sized online store? What budget should be allocated to the campaign to be able to compete with other e-stores in the industry and increase the sale. We decided to answer this question in this article based on an example of a window curtain store campaign for EUR 1,250.

The budget for a Google Ads campaign depends on several key factors. Especially in the e-commerce industry, it can fluctuate significantly, therefore, when starting your adventure with campaigns on Google, there is no need to go deep into the water. It is worth taking the advice of a Google Ads specialist who ran a campaign in a similar industry and can determine the average starting budget.

For smaller or medium-sized stores, a common starting budget proposed by Google Ads specialists is EUR 1,250 (of course, it depends on the industry, so for the purposes of this article, we chose a store profile that could definitely start with this amount).

Verseo Ads Banner
Verseo Ads Banner

What Advertising Solutions Do We Offer in the Google Ads Budget of EUR 1,250?

When working with online stores, we primarily take into account the size of the store ( the number of products we want to advertise), industry competitiveness, product types and prices, and the customer’s shopping path. Therefore, we adjust the type of campaign and advertising content to what and where we promote, to the stage of the shopping path, and the frequency of purchasing a given product (regular or occasional purchase). To promote online stores, we most often use:

  • shopping campaigns (so-called Google Shopping / PLA) – the most popular and effective campaigns for advertising online stores and presenting specific products to internet users with photos and prices,
  • campaigns on the Search Network – text ads aimed at customers at the initial stage of the shopping path who are just looking for information about a given product or use general keywords or phrases containing the brand name,
  • remarketing – image ads referring to customers who visited our website, viewed products or put them into the cart, but have not finalized their transaction or to customers whom we want to encourage to buy our product again.

Depending on the purpose and case, the budget of EUR 1,250 is appropriately divided into the above types of campaigns. Most often, the largest part of the budget (up to 70%) is allocated to the shopping campaign (because this type of campaign is the most effective method of promoting online stores and driving traffic and sales on the website).

The next 20% of the budget is spent on remarketing (it is worth noting that the remarketing budget will differ depending on the industry – the more expensive the product is, the longer the path to purchase may be. When people buy more expensive products (e.g. furniture, household appliances or RTV) they compare the prices, check the offers on various price comparison websites and need more time to think. In this situation, it is worth returning to these potential customers with an ad more intensively or preparing a separate offer for the abandoned cart. The last 10% of the budget is spent on branded text ads (the great advantage of branded ads is the fact that clicks are very cheap, so even with a minimal budget, you can generate quite a lot of traffic and sales).

You are probably wondering where the budget for non-brand text ads is? Well, with medium budgets (yes, EUR 1,250 for e-commerce such as window curtains is not a very large budget), we most often invest in shopping ads. After collecting the right amount of data, we verify the campaign settings, budget distribution and add (if advisable) another campaign in the search engine, e.g. for keywords related to the products that sell best in the shopping campaign or those on which the customer wants to focus the most.

New call-to-action
New call-to-action

What Are the Main Advantages of the Campaigns Described Above?

  • you can target your campaigns to people at different stages on the shopping path by adjusting ad content and ad formats,
  • you have the ability to precisely define the content of ads for a given audience and present your products in the form of interesting images. Thanks to interesting advertising texts and a properly structured CTA, people who encounter the ad know what to do after clicking on the ad,
  • thanks to shopping ads, you save on costs – internet users displaying product ads can already see their picture and price in search results. If they find that they don’t like the product or its price is too high, they won’t click on the ad and you won’t pay if there is no click.
  • you can direct internet users to relevant subpages with the searched products. Thanks to this, potential customers save time and don’t get nervous about having to go through various subpages, which could effectively discourage them from shopping in your store,
  • you can test various options for advertising content, and thus, after a certain time of running the campaign, choose the ads with the highest effectiveness, and delete those that do not bring results or generate excessive costs,
  • nothing prevents you from temporarily or seasonally suspending the campaign,
  • there is also no problem with changing or adjusting the budget of the entire campaign or its part,
  • using the keyword planner, you can search for phrases most often entered by users looking for curtains, thanks to which, while running a campaign, you can precisely determine the rates for clicking on an ad displayed on a given phrase
  • you have total control over click rates and thus the overall budget of the campaign,
  • thanks to ad extensions, we can provide additional information that does not fit in your ad text. Moreover, extensions will increase the advertising field and make the message more interesting (e.g. explanatory extensions allow you to add information about free delivery, and call extensions allow you to contact the hotline directly in case of additional questions about the product).

Additional Advantages of Google Ads Campaigns for Smaller or Medium-sized Online Stores:

  • by using the Google Ads system and the data available in Google Analytics, you can carefully analyze how users visiting your website behave.
  • campaigns conducted in the Google Ads system for online stores allow you to view statistics. With such a large amount of data on buyers’ behavior, you can adjust ad content, formats and decide to withdraw certain products or add additional products to your offer.
  • in case of a store with curtains, the campaign can also be targeted at people who are looking for similar products, e.g. related to home decor. So if we sell a given type of products, we have the opportunity to reach people who were looking for similar items or who may be potentially interested in renovating the house/ apartment.

How Do I get a 20% Discount on Google Shopping Clicks?

When running Google Shopping campaigns, your products will appear in general Google search results and in the Shopping tab. After the users enter a phrase that interests them, such as “living room curtains”, product suggestions will appear at the top of the results. Displayed are ads that – thanks to a properly set rate for a click – took part in the auction for the right to display and won it (YES, advertisers list their ads/ products to compete for the advertising space)

By using Verseo CSS, you have an advantage at this stage. How is it possible?

By adding products to the Verseo CSS price comparison engine, the costs of the shopping campaign are 20% lower compared to the Google price comparison engine (because the margin imposed by Google does not apply here). Therefore, when running an online store and launching your first advertising campaign in the amount of EUR 1,250, it is worth taking advantage of this offer and reducing investment costs from the very beginning.

To sum up, advertising on Google for small and medium-sized online stores is very effective. For many store owners, the ability to quickly launch a campaign and easily introduce changes is the main premise for launching sales in this channel. In addition, the data obtained from the campaigns show ​​the interest in products and can provide the necessary information about the seasonality of sales and trends.

New call-to-action
New call-to-action
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