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Black Friday, Google Ads and Mobile – Perfect Trio

Black Friday, Google Ads and mobile – three giants

Black Friday – a celebration of trade and empty wallets this year is behind us. It’s a very intense time in Verseo. Before Black Friday we had to design many campaigns for our customers, which take into account this context and then –  during the promotion – we have to monitor our budget regularly so that it works properly and effectively. During such events, it is highly important that you monitor the situation because customers need to gain as much as possible. For e-commerce it is a unique day as evidenced by the statistics that we will share with you today.  It is our customers statistics that clearly show that Black Friday is something that stores or services must not neglect or ignore. Especially, if they advertise themselves in Google Ads! Black Friday and Google Ads is a perfect match and we can prove it!

Conversion growth by 162,5%

On Black Friday served by us recorded a total number of 15500 conversions thanks to Google Ads advert. On Friday, a week before, we noted 5850 conversions. Conversion is the goal of the campaign which lets us measure whether it is effective or not. As for e-commerce – this business makes the biggest jumps on such days – conversion is simply a purchase of the product. Black Friday was therefore an increase of 162.5%!

Conversion cost – decrease by 51%

Since customers visiting the store on Black Friday are more likely to shop than usual, the conversion cost is lower. It is so low that it sets a totally different profitability of the campaign. On Friday, 23 November, the average value for all Verseo campaigns was below PLN 13  (of course it involved various businesses and websites – e-stores with toys and legal services). In total, it is a very low price which on “regular” days may be twice higher.

Conversion value – increase  by 174%

Many special offers on Black Friday depend on the value of your products. For example, if you buy products for PLN 200, you can get a varnish for PLN 1 or a 20% discount for products which cost more than PLN 300. This – and postponing purchases strictly for this day – made the average value of the basket higher that day by 174% compared to Friday a week earlier.

Verseo Ads Banner
Verseo Ads Banner

300.000 clicks

In the case of clicks, they increased to 300.000 when compared to previous Friday, when a total number of 240.000 clicks was recorded in all campaigns. Theoretically 60.000 is a lot, but with reference to other statistics, it is a relatively small increase. This means that customers entered websites with a way stronger purchase intention than it is a case on a daily basis.

Mobile traffic share year by year

A very important statistic is the share of mobile traffic in campaigns and a significant increase in orders from this channel. In 2017 on Black Friday the share of mobile phones in clicks accounted for 37% of all clicks and 31% of all conversions. In 2018 the clicks on smartphones were 57% of all clicks, but conversions were 49%. We will not be surprised if 2019 becomes “the year of mobile”.


The huge purchase value during Black Friday is due to several factors, but each of them is significant to the marketer and seller.

Firstly – at this time of the year customers are showered with information on potential benefits of purchasing. All advertisements promise high discounts and sooner or later you can find a great offer you have been looking for.

New call-to-action
New call-to-action

Secondly – buyers know Black Friday is coming –so they postpone larger purchases for a week or two – to take advantage of the upcoming special offers.

Thirdly – on this day advertising expenses go up. It is not possible to be a strong competitor if you fail to invest a lot.

 What would the numbers be without questioning them? We have three for you:

  • With which agency will you do your future Black Friday campaign?
  • What kind of special offer are you going to make up to attract as many current and new customers as possible?
  • Is your website ready for users from the mobile channel?

Contact us! We will send you a free quote for actions which can bring benefits not only during Black Friday! 🙂

New call-to-action
New call-to-action

Write to us! We will evaluate the activities that will benefit you for free, and not only during Black Friday! 😉

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