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Display Ads
Display Ads
Magda Walczak

The variety of advertising formats offered by Google Ads is impressive. Each one achieves slightly different objectives, therefore it’s their […]

Google Ads Banners
Google Ads Banners – How to Design?
Adam Kubaszewski

Google Ads promotes your brand not only in the Google search engine, but also on millions of partner websites. This […]

Combining Advertising Channels
Case Study: The Benefits of Combining Advertising Channels
Maciek Popiołek

Today we’re looking at a store which outsourced its advertising to us since the day of its launch. It’s been […]

Online store - where to advertise
Where Should You Advertise Your Online Store?
Dominika Slomka

You have an idea for an online store. You have selected an e-commerce platform and entered products into the system. […]

Google Ads for online store
Google Ads for EUR 1,250 for an Online Store
Martyna Mikołajczak

Advertising on Google products available in the online store is one of the main sources of customer acquisition. As an […]

Google Ads Glossary
Dominika Slomka

Find all the Google Ads terms explained in our glossary! What is the difference between CTR and CPC? Does the […]

Forbidden adverts in Google Ads
Maciek Popiołek

What mustn’t you advertise in Google Ads? Do you want your advertisement to be visible in Google’s advertising system? You […]

Advantages of Google Ads
Maciek Popiołek

Advantages of Google Adwords – see the best of them! Google is the most popular search engine on the Internet. […]

Black Friday, Google Ads and Mobile – Perfect Trio
Maciek Popiołek

Black Friday, Google Ads and mobile – three giants Black Friday – a celebration of trade and empty wallets this […]

7 lessons of Google Ads (AdWords)
Maciek Popiołek

See advertisements of Google Ads (AdWords) now! Hi! My name is Martyna and I am one of the certified Google […]