Our actions


Identification of factors that may increase the number of transactions and their optimization with the participation of VCM. The campaign has been rebuilt in terms of cooperation with VCM.

Launching the campaign

We have carried out an advanced implementation of the bid optimization strategy. Our task was also to find a new audience who can be reached with ads.


During the campaign, we observed its results and made improvements on an ongoing basis, taking into account trends and suggestions coming from VCM.


The most noticeable result of the optimization was the increase in the number of transactions by 100%. In the case of the number of impressions and clicks on an ad, each of these parameters increased by far over 100%. To the satisfaction of the client, the campaign budget did not increase significantly (only by 10%).

Increase in the number of transactions by


Clicks Views Conversions Cost

Conversion cost
Before 761 51 622 34 4 995 EUR 897,75 EUR
After 1 627+113,79% 131 665+155,05% 68+100% 1391,78 EUR+11,45% 101,58 EUR-54,7%