Our actions


Identifying areas of making savings, including more precise ad targeting, differentiation of bids and frequency of displaying ads depending on the time of the day or day of the week.

Launching the campaign

The work performed was largely related to the precise ad targeting. We also carried out an advanced implementation of the bid optimization strategy.


Supervising the campaign involved introducing changes in terms of savings and more precise ad targeting, defined according to the specificity of the client’s offer.


The optimization work resulted in a reduction of the campaign costs by 1250 EUR and a reduction in the cost of a single conversion from 220 EUR to 100 EUR (taking into account the value of the offered goods, 100 EUR is a low amount). To customer satisfaction, despite savings, the number of transactions increased from 15 to 21.

Lowering the campaign costs by


Clicks Views Conversions Cost

Conversion cost
Before 3 211 47 009 15 3 276,36 EUR 224,20 EUR
After 2 652-17,41% 42 416 -9,78% 21+40% 2 138,98 EUR-43,72% 101,58 EUR-54,70%