Our actions


Development of a set of actions aimed at increasing the number of conversions and optimizing the campaigns for DoubleClick.

Launching the campaign

Conducting planned changes, monitoring campaign results and advanced implementation of the bid optimization strategy in terms of increasing the number of transactions.


The actions taken resulted in an even better effect than expected by the client. Thanks to the DoubleClick campaign, the number of transactions increased.


We have increased the monthly number of transactions from 55 to 96, while reducing the cost of a single conversion from 14 EUR to 7,50 EUR. As a result, the campaign budget did not change, remaining at the level of 750 EUR.

Increase in the number of conversions by


Clicks Views Conversions Cost

Conversion cost
Before 10 991 772 192 55 774,40 EUR 14,08 EUR
After 13 707+24,71% 1 111 700+43,96% 96+74,54% 742,07 EUR-4,18% 7,73 EUR-45,10%