Our actions


Developing a campaign modification plan in terms of increasing the number of conversions and making a decision to optimize using the VCM tool.

Launching the campaign

The campaign was rebuilt in terms of cooperation with VCM and was adapted to the specific requirements of these tools (this does not mean that the campaign had a defective structure earlier).


The campaign was monitored on an ongoing basis, and the changes introduced were related to the need to ideally adjust the advertisement to the promotion strategy and the observed trends.


We could observe an increase in the number of ad impressions by almost 200% and clicks on the ad by over 100%. The number of transactions also increased visibly by over 36%. A positive “side effect” of the conducted optimization works was the reduction of the cost of a single conversion by approx. 35% and the reduction of expenditure on the campaign by over 10%.

Increase in the number of transactions by


Clicks Views Conversions Cost

Conversion cost
Before 2 667 55 783 52 500,38 EUR 9,71 EUR
After 5 568+160,19% 163 963+193,93% 71+36,54% 447,50 EUR-10,57% 6,30 EUR-34,48%